Sierra's View: San Diego Spring Break Round 1: Baby Dane.

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Monday, March 19, 2012

San Diego Spring Break Round 1: Baby Dane.

Who: This is my nephew, Dane Everett Michels. 
Where: My sister, Mckenna's, home over spring break in San Diego.
What: Dane being fed his first solid food//playing piano//singing songs. 
How: Cause I'm an aunt? (yea...I don't know)
Other characteristics: I fell in love//don't you just want to pinch those cheeks//I love being an aunt. 

My dear blogging friends: thank you for your sweet messages and support as my blog slowly grows. Keep spreading the word! New goal: 200 followers! I am loving the cyber friendships that are developing. It's a perfect imaginary world for my daydreaming self!
A new design and layout is coming soon! I cannot wait to share it with you all in the next week or two.  Be on the lookout! Change can be fun (and a whole lotta work!).


  1. such a cute baby! wow - and i'm jealous of your spring break :)
    ps. i just posted blogger meetup pictures if you want to check them out.
    and lunch soon :)

  2. Oh Sierra. You are such a sweetie! Can my kids adopt you as an aunty? Love your blog and you of course!--bonita

  3. babies make baby food look SO good.
    congratulations on 100 and i know you will get 200!
    xx jes

  4. Miss u already :( I have some more pics I'll put on my new, beautiful blog (thanks to you, of course) this week..

    Your nephew is WAY too cute!
    I love babies and he's so adorable!
    Have an awesome week & good luck with your follower goal!

  6. Ohhhh sweet baby cheeks. They are really just the best. Yep, there is nothing better! I am so glad you had a good trip, friend!

  7. Oh my.... I am in love! You lucky auntie! He is precious :)
    Spring break in San Diego sounds amazzzing. Can't wait to read more about it!

  8. Aw, he is such a cute little chunk! ;) Adorable!

  9. OH my goodness that baby is so cute I just want to eat him up! In a good way, of course...

  10. babies everywhere! ADORABLE!!!!
    xo TJ

  11. GOLL. isn't he the cutest?! my little niece is just two years old but lives in far away colorado springs. it makes me mad that i'm missing her growing up. no no fair. ;(

    anways. in other random news. you are a doll. :)


  12. You are absoultely beautiful and don't let anyone ever tell you anything different! You have the most beautiful complexion, Sierra! What a cute nephew you have too :)

    Your comments always make me feel so good and happy! Thank you for saying you'd want to switch lives...that's so sweet. I am blessed with a wonderful life but these pictures are proof that you are too! ;)


  13. OMG he is so adorable!

  14. pretty sure that baby is the cutest thing I have ever seen.

  15. What a beautiful family! Congratulations.



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