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Friday, March 9, 2012

Oh, ya know...

San Diego for Spring Break 2012?

 to see this dog? 
And this sister?

And be on THOSE beaches?
And be in my favorite place in the world?
(okay, not literally, but you get the point)

Oh, okay.


P.S. We really do love each other. Just ignore the violence being portrayed in the above picture. We're a weird family. 


  1. the beach or disneyland would be my fave places!

  2. The beach sounds so nice right now! Lovely blog :)

  3. Geez! what fun pictures. I want that puppy in my arms right now! Boston Terrier?

  4. Have so much fun. I wish my life included a spring break.

  5. Lucky duck! Y'all get a good tan just for me ;) Oh and my family is "weird" like that too ;)

    Thank you for your comment on my "love spread" post the other day... your words encourage me SO MUCH. Thank you!

    Have a great spring break!


  6. thanks for coming by my blog and commenting!! yay for new blog friends and portland blog friends!!
    xx jes

    ps. we're following you now, too!

  7. we DID take a picture BUT i am saving it for when i steal some more! the one i posted was just a sneak peak!

  8. Oooo sounds like fun! I miss San Diego! I was so relaxed during my vacay there

    Check out my blog, comment, and follow if you like!
    Confessions Of A City Girl

  9. spring break in san diego!?? Have fun. I am so jealous! xo

  10. wish i were there!! i'd love to be playing on the beach :)

  11. Ah, I'd love to go to San Diego! :) Have fun on Spring Break!


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