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Friday, March 2, 2012

Oh, Television.

I have been getting a lot of migraines recently. In fact, at least two a week. 
I started getting them about three years ago. Some are more debilitating than others. 
I think it's the winter weather in Utah. Yea...I'm going to keep blaming Utah. 
Nevertheless, the only thing I want to do when migraine fiesta (that's a good word for it, right?) hits is lay in my bed with my Macbook laptop and watch my favorite shows. 
My mind, quite literally, goes numb.
The whole point to this rant is this: I have become obsessed with many (too many?) shows. 
Can you tell that I have a very addictive personality? It's an Ainge thing, I think. 

Erego, I am presenting a list of my favorite tv shows and my personal critique on them.
Because I know you care, right?
I would like to, first, point out that I am one of the busiest people I know. Truly. I had a girlfriend say to me the other day, "Girl! How do you do so much in a day?" And to be quite honest with you, I really have no idea. Again, I think it's an Ainge thing. 
The reason why I preface my post with all of this nonsense is because to the average person it's going to seem as though I watch a lot of television because there may or may not be a lot of shows on this list.
It's just cause I illegally download one or two (okay or half of them) and thanks to handy Hulu on a lazy Sunday afternoon (Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy?). 
Yep, I said it. 
Sue me.
Except...don't. Please. 

Anywho. Back to the main focus of this post... 
(Note: In no particular order)


Guys, I'm not a parent. Not even close, actually (knock on wood). But this show is SO GOOD. The characters, the plot, the real life connections. I'm serious. Go watch it. The whole purpose of the show is bringing families together. What kind of LDS person doesn't like that!? (minus the swearing, sex, and alcohol sometimes portrayed, but eh, you know what I mean--better moral compass than most). 

Pan Am.

I heard a rumor that this show is being canceled. I'm crying. Yet, to be honest, I most just watch this show for all of their clothes. It's about flight attendants in the early twentieth century. Adorable vintage clothes? Yes please.

Once Upon a Time.
Yea. I know. I'm a 21 year old female who lives in Provo. Who daydreams a lot. 
What do you expect?

Gossip Girl.
Started in high school. Why stop now, eh? I just want Chuck and Blair to be together! Ugh. Plus, watching it makes me grateful for the low drama life that I lead. #richgirlproblems

Pretty Little Liars. 
Yea, I think admitting that I watch this show is enough. Shall we move on?

Smash. Brand spankin new show. But WOW. If you love music, Broadway, and New York, you will fall in love. I love Katharine Mcphee's voice: it's so pure and real. This show is like a better Glee (a way better Glee--which, I, admittedly, still watch on occasion even though it's completely against my moral compass) Go watch it. Now. 

New Girl.
Zooey Deschanel. Enough said. 
However, it is getting increasingly worse. Like, it's not even funny anymore. Definitely gonna keep this one on my watch list. 

Modern Family.
Okay. Yep. Kills me. Every time. So hilarious. 

Up All Night
Will Arnett, Christina Applegate and Maya Rudolph are a perfect hit in this show. I find that I am constantly "lol-ing" during this show. Super dry sense of humor. But amazing. 

Grey's Anatomy.
Doesn't get old. Ever. If I were a doctor (which I sometimes daydream about being), this would be my life. Naturally. 

Downtown Abbey.
My friend told me to watch this show and I shouldn't have started: obsessed already. It really is just a British old fashioned soap opera. And I love every second of it. 

The Bachelor.
I hate this season. I hate Ben. He's a lustful idiot. Want to know my theory? He wasn't the hottest man in school growing up and now (for some unknown reason) he is on The Bachelor and has women, such as Courtney (don't even get me started) throwing herself at him--for only media attention, mind you. So, because of this, he is thinking with something other than his head. If you catch my drift. I don't even blame Courtney. We all hate her. That's a given. Homegirl is crazy. He's the idiot who can't see it.
....and that is my psychological analysis on the show. 
However, despite this particular season, this show is embarrassingly obsessing. Literally. Obsession. Ladies, if you haven't started watching it, don't start now. You will never turn back.
Oh, and one last thing: 
I rest my case.
I cannot forget my classic all time favorites:
Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory, So You Think You Can Dance, One Tree Hill (old seasons)Felicity, The Office (old seasons) Arrested Development, How I Met Your Mother, FRIENDS and good ol American Idol (before the 89568th season started). There may or may not be a huge Friends poster hanging above my bed. Still watching them. 

Can you tell I'm a girl?
What are some of your favorites?
If you want any parties for these shows, I'm all about it! Call me! (No, but really).

Happy Weekend! Guess what I'll be doing? ;)


  1. You're not alone. I have about 37 tv shows at any given time that I'm watching.

  2. Once Upon a Time...yeah. Love-hate obsession. It's bad.

  3. I forbid you to watch The Bachelor. Just a bunch of gossiping girls trying to seduce one guy with a huge ego. Just too much drama for any one person. I tried to watch Smash but couldn't find it. See you soon-no tv though.

  4. I totally know what you mean, getting hooked into too many TV shows! But funny story, I have actually only ever followed one of the shows you mentioned, and that is The Office old seasons.

    I really love Bones, Community, The Finder, Grimm, and Big Bang Theory personally. For old TV shows I love Arrested Development, Firefly, and the old Robin Hood series from the BBC.

    1. I haven't gotten into any of those! But I have heard that Bones and Community and Big Bang Theory are hilarious! As you can see, however, I don't think I need anymore shows to watch ;)

  5. Most of these are my shows too! Downton Abbey was fantastic. The best time I've had watching TV in a long time. I love Parenthood!!!!

  6. I am so sorry you have and get migraines. Ick! Go take a bath... with your laptop, but don't put your laptop in the bath. :) I am a show addict. I watch every series possible. Start Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Portlandia, Shameless..

    1. Oh My gosh--Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Portlandia: hilarious!

  7. TV is a GREAT way to have a numb mind. That is the main reason I own a DVR - gets me through those tough nights.

    1. That's exactly why I don't have DVR. I would never leave my couch!

  8. Sorry about your migraines! I LOVE Modern Family. Last week was a GREAT episode. I also love the Bachelor, but I also hate this season. He is such a loser! Kacy B was the one and he let her go! What the heck!? Then the new bachelorette is going to be dumb emily... I seriously think I am done with it.


  9. Take vitamin b2 for migraines. It works!

  10. I hope your headaches go away soon, Sierra! Those are no fun. My brother gets really bad headaches a lot.

    And can I just say that your comments make me smile all the way down to the bottom of my toes!? YOU are the sweet one! Thank you for saying you love my blog! It made me feel special. I think you have a pretty great one here yourself girly.



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