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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Insta Life.

I had a post a little bit ago where I attempted to make a collage. 
It failed. I was in way too big of a hurry. 
I decided to update you (again) on what really has been happening via Instagram
My trip to San Diego is coming to an end in less than 24 hours. And I couldn't be more upset.
It has been so relaxing, fun and rejuvenating. Reality is the last thing on my mind.
But, alas, reality is inevitable. Utah...I hear the weather has been beautiful. Can you stay that way forever? I love this sunshine ordeal way too much.
(p.s. I hear it snowed in portland yesterday. Global warming, eh?) 
A lot of pictures were taken here. Like good, blogging pictures. So exciting, right? Well, I'm far too lazy to post them right now. So you will get a preview of my awesome vacation with some of the following.

Taco Bell for girls night. Naturally. 

My friends and I donate to good causes. #socialactivist

Sometimes my friends and I go and eat at Ikea. 

Artsy? chyea.
This is my dear friend, Amie, and her skirt. I fell in love. And I'm currently on a rampage to find one exactly like it. Any ideas?

Intramural basketball. What was our team name? NO IDEA. We were so bad. But, hey, good exercise, eh? I still love me some basketball. 

Nothing better than a long weekly session at the temple.

Is my hair really that long? Holy cow. And yes, this picture was taken after a haircut.

Studying for my Gospel Doctrine Lesson. #Holla 

 I'll spare you the details but my girlfriends and I may or may not have taken a bath with swimsuits on. I don't wanna talk about it. Note: ignore the drug induced faces we apparently have?

 My niece is cuter than yours. I just miss her. 

I, once again, have caught another bouquet at a wedding. How many is that now?
Because sometimes we all need the reminder. 

creative. I like. PINTEREST anyone?

Jason chillin on an adorable couch at Ikea. 

Now to the even better stuff...

Coronado Beach. Yes please. 
Nephew, Baby Dane, eating his first solid foods. 
Run along Mission Beach. 
Eating Dinner along the San Diego Harbor at Sunset. 

The view from my sister's place. It really doesn't do it justice. At all.

Thank goodness for iPhones.
More pictures of San Diego to come.
Come follow me!



  1. LOVE our disgusting tub picture :) I'm so glad you're having a fun trip!! We kind of miss you WAY bad here though. Let's face it, the life of the party ran away to San Diego :'(

  2. I love the pics. And your last comment about iphones. because I definitely JUST said that in the blog post I just published 30 minutes ago. AND I'm going to be in San Diego in 2 weeks to visit my Aunt. I feel like we're living the same life or something. ;)

  3. YES it snowed in portland yesterday. it was a freak show!
    coronado beach looks lovely as always! did you peruse the shops at all? that candy store is my vice.
    xx jes

  4. Your hair! It's incredible. My hair has never been that long - even with a wig on.

    And I hope McKenna knows she has a super cute kid.

  5. Come back to me and give me a hug. <3

  6. Fun pictures! I think baby dane is too cute for words!

  7. mawahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!! Love the picture the bathtub! Too funny!


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