Sierra's View: March 2012

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Saturday, March 31, 2012

So Many Things.

I don't even know where to begin to tell you all about my life.
I have had so many activities, experiences, and thoughts racing in and out, I cannot seem to grasp it all.
Life is going, that's for sure.
And it's going well.
Isn't that a blessing?
I have spent the entire day basking in spiritual enlightenment. Love me some General Conference.
The sun was WARM today. Like, almost hot. Driving with the windows down; knowing summer  is coming soon may be one of the best feelings in the world.
Tomorrow is April Fools. Do I dare blog then? We shall see. I will, however, be planning some hilarious pranks on my choir director.

Okay, once again, I am rambling. Back to my original thought.
All things are cyclical, huh?
I will start letting you know everything about my life ASAP.
But for now, I leave with you this video.
Why? Because my heart aches to go to of these places.
Sometimes, dreaming is easier than explaining.

Doesn't that video make you want to travel? And dream? And live?!
I am not traveling, no, but I AM living the dream. (hardy har, sound familiar?)
And that's a wonderful thing, right?

Oh, and this song has been on repeat the past few days.
Brings back so many emotions and memories.
Oh, first loves. Killing me. This song may hit too close to home.

I haven't seen you in ages
sometimes I find myself wondering where you are
for me you'll always be 18 and beautiful
and dancing away with my heart

What are you dreaming and thinking about right now?
I'll keep you posted on mine. I cannot get it all organized and down in writing at this current moment. Grrr. Such a frustrating feeling, right? Can I get an Amen from my writers out there?!  Haha.

P.S. Comments are up and running again! Comment your little hearts out :)
The blog is getting there, huh? Isn't it pretty! Do you like it? Thank you, thank you, thank you Greg! Just a couple fixes and we'll hit the the ground running.

Thursday, March 29, 2012


I have not disappeared, I swear.
I have been making blogs for all my favorite missionaries out there.
I'm so nice.

As you can tell, my blogging site is currently under construction.
I don't know what happened, but you can't comment due to this construction. BUT shoot me an email if you'd like. I'm so excited to have this finalized and done and pretty! Keep your eyes open!
My friend, Greg, who designed it is a genius. Seriously. He's wonderful.

In other news:
*A music video involving my choir and Alex Boye is coming soon! Can't wait to go viral! Hold on to your seats cause it's gonna be LEGIT.
*Sent one of my best friends, Julia, off on her mission yesterday. The MTC on Wednesday afternoons is not the best place to be. It's so sad.
*Been realizing that some people in my life don't treat me the way that I want. They see me differently than the Lord sees me and that is the last thing that I want.

More on all of this later. (with more pictures!)
here is a teaser:
filming at the salt flats at 5 am. Too early, my friends. Too early.
Instagram: @sisiainge

I'll be back soon! Don't leave me!


Sunday, March 25, 2012

San Diego. Spring Break Round 3: A Day of Fun

ignore our closed eyes. It was bright. 

sister outing.
chatting with the sister missionaries.
eating at The Cottage. 
Finding a beautiful secret beach in La Jolla.
long, deep conversations. 
Love. All Love. 

You jealous yet? :)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

San Diego. Spring Break Round 2: A Day at the Beach

In San Diego, my parents came for the weekend and it was lovely.
We spent a day at Coronado Beach. My favorite.
Shall we have the pictures do the talking?

Mama. (ignore my stupid double jointed elbows) 

Sister and Brother in Law. Oh, precious love. 



Nona and Papa with Baby Dane.
Check out his thumb sucking; just chillin.
Living the dream, eh? Hardy har. 

"sup Nona? I'm so tired it's insane."
There is something so relaxing, soothing, and nostalgic about a long walk along the beach.
Hearing the ocean waves; seeing the serene view.
(Discounting the couple who were basically fornicating just down the way, of course. Come on, people!) 

Unlike the relaxing time at the beach, this has been my week:

My choir has had the incredible opportunity to record with Alex Boye. We will be doing a music video with him coming soon! Keep your eyes open because this song and music video is going to be awesome! Seriously. It has been such a humbling, fun, spiritual experience. I am so grateful that I have been given this opportunity. Who knows, guys...I could be come famous ;)

I started doing my field experience and teaching in a third grade class. 
Today, a conversation occurred that went like this:

Third grade boy: Miss Ainge, you smell really nice.
Me: Why thank you! That is very sweet of you.
Third Grade Boy: And you're really pretty too.
(Blushes and puts his head in his arms.)
Talk about a self esteem booster :) 

Homework, projects, and, oh, more homework.

This weekend is going to be a fun, crazy, and nonstop one as well:
Sing at a morningside in Payson, sing for Hillary Weeks at a devotional, Hunger Games (yee!), Festival of Colors, Manti Temple trip, teach Gospel Doctrine, Jazz basketball game, game night!
A whole lot of fun! And a whole lack of sleep.
I am exhausted. But so many good things are happening, ya know? It's a good exhaustion. 
However, I do miss that beach. 

Hope things are going well for you. 

Monday, March 19, 2012

San Diego Spring Break Round 1: Baby Dane.

Who: This is my nephew, Dane Everett Michels. 
Where: My sister, Mckenna's, home over spring break in San Diego.
What: Dane being fed his first solid food//playing piano//singing songs. 
How: Cause I'm an aunt? (yea...I don't know)
Other characteristics: I fell in love//don't you just want to pinch those cheeks//I love being an aunt. 

My dear blogging friends: thank you for your sweet messages and support as my blog slowly grows. Keep spreading the word! New goal: 200 followers! I am loving the cyber friendships that are developing. It's a perfect imaginary world for my daydreaming self!
A new design and layout is coming soon! I cannot wait to share it with you all in the next week or two.  Be on the lookout! Change can be fun (and a whole lotta work!).

Friday, March 16, 2012

Blogger Meet Up!

Okay, I probably shouldn't have gone to the Blogger Meet Up.
For the following reasons:

1. I was probably the worst dressed person there. Guys, I'm from Oregon. I didn't brush my hair until senior year of high school. But, I assure you, my style is becoming more girly. Maybe too girly. It's improving and I'm becoming more into it (which probably is not a good thing). Anywho. I realized that I really need to up my game. Thanks a lot, fellow bloggers. 
2. I fell in love with all of you! OKAY. Not like that. But seriously, you all were so sweet, adorable, and fun. This is not a bad thing. The bad thing is now I am following way too many blogs and I am going to spend far too many hours on blogger now. Awesome. 
3. I realized that I was not particularly photogenic that night. I normally am. I swear. Again, thanks for making me feel bad. 
4. I am re-doing my blog ASAP. It's going to have a new makeover. Just you wait! Check in soon for a spring cleaning/makeover. It'll blow your mind. (yea, probably not, but change is good, right?)

But, on a more positive note, I won free yoga classes! I never win anything. Ever. I have always wanted to start yoga. And now, my dear friends, I will be a yoga freak. Yay! Plus, you girls all thought I was hilarious. So, well, that's good. Obviously. 

See. How awkward do I look?!

We tried to be artsy.
Of course Alycia and Alexa look adorable.
Thank you Brooke, Elisabeth and Lauren&Madison for planning it. I know it's a lot of work to plan things like this. You ladies are lovely and beautiful and hilarious. 
OH. Also...
 Friends,post your photos from the evening. I know these are not the only ones. Let me know if you post them from that evening! :)

linking up here
More pictures from Spring Break in San Diego coming soon.
Reality has hit. Hard. And i'm kind of hating it.
P.S. Is anybody else over twitter? I've had for a couple months and I'm sort of bored of it already. Hmmm...

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Preview: A Day in the life of an Average Girl

Friends! You know those blogs that you have an instant connection with? Like, when you see them, you are envious of it's cuteness and completely lovely manner? Well, A Day in the Life of An Average Girl is a blog that fits that description perfectly. Seriously. Nicole was just engaged to her sweetie and she has wonderful stories to tell along. Not only is she adorable, she has everything on her blog. She posts ideas that include delicious recipes to fun bridal shower pictures and cute clothes to go along. Maybe it's just because I'm a single college girl in Provo, Utah (no, that's probably the reason, eh?) but I adore (envy) her blog and her writing so much. Head on over and check her out, friends! You won't regret it. Thanks for being my blogging friend, Nicole! 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Insta Life.

I had a post a little bit ago where I attempted to make a collage. 
It failed. I was in way too big of a hurry. 
I decided to update you (again) on what really has been happening via Instagram
My trip to San Diego is coming to an end in less than 24 hours. And I couldn't be more upset.
It has been so relaxing, fun and rejuvenating. Reality is the last thing on my mind.
But, alas, reality is inevitable. Utah...I hear the weather has been beautiful. Can you stay that way forever? I love this sunshine ordeal way too much.
(p.s. I hear it snowed in portland yesterday. Global warming, eh?) 
A lot of pictures were taken here. Like good, blogging pictures. So exciting, right? Well, I'm far too lazy to post them right now. So you will get a preview of my awesome vacation with some of the following.

Taco Bell for girls night. Naturally. 

My friends and I donate to good causes. #socialactivist

Sometimes my friends and I go and eat at Ikea. 

Artsy? chyea.
This is my dear friend, Amie, and her skirt. I fell in love. And I'm currently on a rampage to find one exactly like it. Any ideas?

Intramural basketball. What was our team name? NO IDEA. We were so bad. But, hey, good exercise, eh? I still love me some basketball. 

Nothing better than a long weekly session at the temple.

Is my hair really that long? Holy cow. And yes, this picture was taken after a haircut.

Studying for my Gospel Doctrine Lesson. #Holla 

 I'll spare you the details but my girlfriends and I may or may not have taken a bath with swimsuits on. I don't wanna talk about it. Note: ignore the drug induced faces we apparently have?

 My niece is cuter than yours. I just miss her. 

I, once again, have caught another bouquet at a wedding. How many is that now?
Because sometimes we all need the reminder. 

creative. I like. PINTEREST anyone?

Jason chillin on an adorable couch at Ikea. 

Now to the even better stuff...

Coronado Beach. Yes please. 
Nephew, Baby Dane, eating his first solid foods. 
Run along Mission Beach. 
Eating Dinner along the San Diego Harbor at Sunset. 

The view from my sister's place. It really doesn't do it justice. At all.

Thank goodness for iPhones.
More pictures of San Diego to come.
Come follow me!