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Monday, February 6, 2012

Dear Future Husband:

I went to the grocery store today.
Word of advice: Don't let me go to the store when I am starving. 
However, I am hoping that I will become less hungry after the next few months because of my new Weight Watchers Diet. I am working for that hot bod. Just you wait. 
(Except, I hope you don't just love me for my "hot bod.")
Regardless, I am working on being healthy.
I spent 100 dollars worth of protein, fruits and vegetables.
Man, healthy crap is expensive.
WHY. It's like I'm being slapped in my face for taking care of my body....
I will try my hardest to work on cooking so that I don't  burn every single meal our first year (s?) of marriage. 
...who am I kidding. You know me well enough that I hate cooking and probably always will. But I'll do it. Because that's what good wives do (cough mormon wives cough). Right? Right. 

Dear Future Husband,
It's been a hard few weeks.
It's been a hard few months
It's times like these that I really need your hand in my life right now.
Someone to cry with, on, and around. 
I am working hard to turn to the Lord so that I am ready for your special shoulder to cry on.
But, man oh man, life the past few months have just been plain difficult.
Sometimes I feel numb. 
Like I am just going through the motions.
But, I am actually going through the motions, so that's good, right?
 I got out of bed today.
I went to school. I went to choir. I went to the store. I went on a walk. And I ate healthy.
I am proud. Really proud.
I'm sorry for being so emotional.
At least I laugh a lot, right? 

Dear Future Husband,
I hope you can try to understand how important LDC has been in my life.
That choir, those people, and these experiences have literally changed me for good. I don't know where I would be without LDC. 
The friends I have made will be stuck with me forever.
 The retreat that happened on Saturday only reiterated that. 
So a precursor sorry will be in order: choir people are loud. 
And another sorry for all the stories and inside jokes that will be talked, laughed, and cried about for many years to come. 

I'm on the far left. Blonde. 10 points if you find me. 

special friends...

Dear Future Husband,
I am sorry that I have a top ten celebrity list of men that I would....yea...
Sometimes I dream of being famous. 
And I cannot tell you why I love Zac Efron. I just do
I still love you, though. 

Oh, yea. Maybe it's because he looks like this. 
Dear Future Husband,
It's a good thing that I will probably be graduated (at least with my bachelor's) before I meet you because I procrastinate homework more than anyone. 
So, I bid you adieu for that awful task.
See you soon. ;)


  1. Ha! This post made me laugh. And good for you on eating healthy. I need to get back in to that.

  2. Good points Sierra, and I don't mean weight watchers, I mean good ideas that you expressed.

  3. 10 points for me. And I love this post! It was so darling. Make sure you show him this some day.

  4. this is honestly the cutest post i have ever seen. you will find that special someone soon, i just know it! and don't worry, i can't cook at all. i'm just glad that my man is not picky when it comes to eating and just eats whatever i make him. love that man of mine.
    plus, your future hubby will adore your body no matter what, so don't put too much pressure on yourself. and yes, it's a shame that the healthy food is so expensive. i'm convinced this is why America is so obese, ha
    xo TJ

  5. zach is hot! he's a man now, and he's hot!


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