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Saturday, January 7, 2012

portlandia: last few days of christmas break

I watched Portlandia the other day. It was slightly inappropriate, mostly true, and extremely funny.
I have been soaking up my last few days of christmas break (I don't start until Monday!).
It has been fabulous.
See for yourself:

Click to enlarge these beautiful faces :)

Row 1 (mostly): Photo shoot with my over spoiled rag doll kitty, Simba. Yes, that's his name. Except he's the exact opposite. Think ultimate fraidy-cat, bratty diva (he is beautiful though, huh?) Oh, but he loves me. So it's okay.
Row 2 (mostly): long bike ride along the waterfront in downtown Portland with my mom. Water breaks, headbands, and extremely attractive helmets. It was a gorgeous day in Oregon. So I cannot complain. I can't do this in Utah in January.
-End or Row 2: Visiting Holland's grave. ♥
Row 3: We found a bald eagle! (look closely), nice, healthy, salmon dinner (New Years Resolutions looking good so far!), adorable nieces and nephews, and cannot forget Monopoly Deal.

Now back to reality.
Sigh. See you in poo-tah.

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