Sierra's View: MLK Weekend.

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Monday, January 16, 2012

MLK Weekend.

This weekend was what I like to call a "successful" weekend.
It encompassed so many fun activities, memories, and good times.

click on collage to make photos larger. 

This weekend: 
-Sang at President & Sister Holland's Institute Devotional
Love them. We're on a first name basis. And I got a hug. Yeeee. 
-Date night at Cheesecake Factory. So good. 
-Julia's mission call opening: Honduras. So excited for her!
-Saturday hike with the girls. 
If you looked up the mountain the waterfall was frozen, but if you looked back over the valley, it looked like summer (see pictures)--it was crazy!
-Wore my nerd glasses. A lot. I'm a hipster now. 
-Sam's going away party. 
What did we do? Absolutely nothing. All you need is a hot tub, food, and a macbook to take ridiculous pictures, and you will pee your pants from laughter with my friends. Love those people. SO much. 
-Church & Sunday Dinner (at Charlesworths! love you guys!) - food&spiritual stuff=awesome. 
-Had some "Me time". I love those nights where I can just get some pondering time to myself. I was asleep by 11. It was incredible. 
-Scavenger Hunt Date using geocaching app. So fun! My competitive streak came out a bit. 
-Homework. I have a lot of reading this semester. Yummy.
 I'm consistently taking breaks currently to write this. Ha. Procrastinator much?
-Scripture Study Night with some friends for FHE tonight. 

Sometimes I wonder if anyone even cares what my life consists.
Let's be honest, only my mother probably reads this.
But I love reminding myself how much I have to go be grateful for and that my life truly is wonderful. 
I think all weekends should be long weekends. Just saying. 


  1. i read it, too. though i'm kind of your motha'.

  2. I read your entries religiously and I'm only related to you through imagination. And time. Time elapsed over the years counts as grounds for being related, right?

  3. I am not your mother. That said, I miss you.

  4. Sounds like a good weekend. Your blog makes me miss college.


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