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Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Songs.

Happy December!
I have decided to make a playlist of some of my favorite Christmas songs so that you can spread and savor Christmas cheer through music!
I have so many thoughts that I want to write currently, but they are so jumbled that this is all my brain (and heart) can handle right now.
So, enjoy! Eat your little heart out, sing a long to these songs, and illegally download away! Let's just all be honest here (Tis the Season), we all do it. 

Oh, and you're welcome.

Celine Dion: O Holy Night
Celine Dion: Feliz Navidad
Celine Dion: Don't Save it All for Christmas Day
Okay, you know what...just ALL of Celine's Christmas CD. Moving on. 
David Archuleta: I'll Be Home For Christmas
David Archuleta: Melodies of Christmas 
David Archuleta: Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas 
Yep, all of David's Christmas album too. 
Chuck Berry: Run, Rudolph, Run
Faith Hill: Where are You Christmas?
Glee: Last Christmas
Justin Bieber: Mistletoe
Josh Groban: Silent Night
Josh Groban and Faith Hill: The First Noel 
(Yep, you guessed it. All of Faith and Josh's album too)
Kelly Clarkson: My Grown Up Christmas List
Mariah Carey: Jesus Born on this day
Mariah Carey: Joy to the World
Mariah Carey: All I want for Christmas is You (big shocker)
(Okay, AND all of Mariah's album)
Michael Buble: Cold December Night
(Yea...and Michael's entire album...)
N'Sync: Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays
N'Sync: Oh, Holy Night
(All of N'sync too...have you noticed the pattern yet?)
Paul Mccartney: Wonderful Christmastime
Sarah Mclachlan and Ingrid Michaelson: Winter Song
Taylor Swift: Christmases When You Were Mine
Martina Mcbride and Martin Dean: Baby, It's Cold Outside
Michael Mclean: The Forgotten Carols (entire album)
Sara Bareilles: Love is Christmas 
Stevie Wonder: What Christmas Means to Me
Brenda Lee: Rockin Around the Christmas Tree
Savior of the World: Look On Me This Day & Come, Lord Jesus Come.

Do you have any other songs you absolutely love and would like to share? These are just some of my absolute favorites. 

Oh, and here is a picture of my choir and I singing with Michael Mclean at the Forgotten Carols.
I love Christmas time.
And Christmas music
And the Savior. 
That's all. For now. 


  1. O Holy Nigh of any sort is my favorite - but Tracy Chapman's version is my very favorite.

  2. i love tracy's version, too. p.s. i know you're a little young but the guy who did the duet with martina mcbride is dean martin. you know, rat pack member? just sayin'.


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