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Monday, November 28, 2011

A Yearly Adventure and a Grateful Heart.

I wanted to write all of Thanksgiving break. I figured I'd have all the time in the world to get everything down.
I just wasn't sure where to begin. 
It was as if I had so much to say, but then nothing at the same time. 
Every time I would think about writing, I'd become exhausted. Just the thought of getting all my millions of emotions written down in some semblance of order made my body completely incapacitated. 
And I hate writing blog posts that are meaningless. Because as much as I truly love others enjoying my perspective, my thoughts, and my writing, this is, after all, my perspective, my thoughts, and my writing. I want to look back at every post and think, "Wow. That's what I was learning from life." 
I am very humbled. And I have a very grateful heart.
I just didn't write a "Thanksgiving post". Why? No idea. 
Probably because I didn't want to be just like everybody else. 

Landon and I drove to San Diego to see Mckenna and Paul for Thanksgiving this year.
I'm not going to lie, it was a difficult trip. My family is still dealing with the loss of Holland. Dealing with that loss allows a lot of other dysfunction to occur. And it's hard to ignore that when we are all placed together. I found myself wanting to be on my own, in my own space; a true solace for this "break."
However, it was still enjoyable to soak up the 80 degree weather.
It's amazing how much I realized that, in spite of the dysfunction, my family are some of the few people that will allow me to act in any manner and still love me the next morning.
 Isn't that what family really is all about? 
Patience in midst of the yelling.  Unconditional love in spite of our individual trials. Learning from each other's faults. 
I am grateful for the Ainge clan for those messy reasons. 

On the drive home, Lanny (he loves that nickname) and I came across some "issues" with our 1998 Volvo Volkwagon, Veronica. Needless to say, we were stopped on the side of the highway in the middle of the Nevada Desert. We still are not entirely sure what is wrong, but we stopped every twenty minutes to let it cool down because it was overheating. But we had to make it to Vegas, so we continued the trek. Once we arrived in Vegas, our family friends, the Royals (you guys are awesome. Thank you!) drove us to get a rental car to continue our adventure along the way. 
Writing this does not seem like it was an ordeal. I assure you, however, that this was the longest road trip of my life. I can't help but think back to last year's Thanksgiving Ordeal. This seems to be a trend for Landon and I. I guess we are not meant to drive over this holiday! As we discussed, we will not be driving anywhere for Thanksgiving Holiday again. Ever. If we are to travel, we are flying. Haha. 
As I was driving at 1 o clock in the morning, a Dr. Pepper at my side, and absolutely nothing to look at due to the blackness of night, I began to ponder. 
We were mocking our parents for going into "parent freak out mode" as they tried to figure out how to help us. But in reality, how lucky are we? That we (I) have a father that will drop anything--time, money, a worried heart, in order for us to get home safe. In order for my brother to get home to get a good grade. Talk about sacrifice. 
I was so grateful to have the opportunity to even be in sunny San Diego. 
And I was lucky enough to have a delicious gourmet turkey to eat earlier that week. 
The list could go on and on and on...and on. But you get my point. 

I chuckle as I think about all of this.
That it's true. Through ADVENTURE (a yearly one, too. There has got to be a scientific name for an annual occurrence such as these!) we learn who and what is important. 
 Through these adventures we learn that the trials and dysfunction are what make us human.
And through these adventures,
we learn how much we truly do have to be grateful this season. 

P.S. I'm just grateful I can listen to Christmas music without people yelling at me now. 


  1. Hey Great post. I couldn't agree more, I think these moments have helped us to grow even closer. p.s. the volvo's name is not Vernica!. lol

  2. Family - and Christmas Music. What more could one want!

  3. p.s. it's a volvo wagon. volkswagen is what i drive. i still think the trip mckenna and i made back to utah in a blizzard wins. we got in a wreck after doing several 360 spins. it took two cars of guys to get us out. then it snowed the while way home, so i had to go 25 mph and it took us over 18 hours. but, i'm jealous you got to be with family.


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