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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Thoughts, Dreams, and Kenya.

I had a dream that I was packing to go back to Kenya.
I woke up this morning ecstatic. 
It made this school year seem a little more bearable. I had something to look forward to.
Then I realized that this, in fact, was just a dream.
And I was already 10 minutes late to class.
Why can't dreams be reality?
I have recently been thinking about all the lessons I learned while in Kenya.
About myself, about other people, about life in general.
Similar situations have been occurring in my life currently and I have been trying to pull the schema learned in that experience (thank you Educational Psychology. See mom, I AM learning something).
I had many wake up calls while while volunteering and teaching there. 
I miss it. I miss the brutal reality that I learned.
I learned how to treat people. 
I realized that there are always going to be people who function, act, and deal with conflict differently than you.
And I learned that they still deserve to be treated well. 
I find myself getting frustrated with people I see on a day to day basis.
And I am trying to open my heart. 
But let me tell you, it is very difficult. 
I want to go do something similar this next summer SO BAD.
 But, I don't thing it is in the cards for me. 
Want to know something silly, perhaps, idealistic?
I want to go somewhere every single year for the rest of my life and do service. 
I want to live with the people. I want to struggle with them.
Because I love places that make my problems seem so insignificant.  
Again, someday. 


  1. After last night, I'm glad my dreams don't come true. Ugh. Your dream can come true though! I get the feeling you're going to go back someday. :)

  2. Sounds like an awesome experience.


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