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Thursday, July 7, 2011


Can we please take a break from Kenya pictures to talk about Harry Potter for a second.
No, not the movie.
But...NEVILLE LONGBOTTOM. (Real name: Matthew Lewis). I was skimming across one of my favorite sites Go Fug Yourself (best fashion critique site ever btw. so honest. so raw. SO funny). And as I was taking a gander through the characters, I was taken aback by Neville. Who knew he had become so handsome?!

Some people just grow up, eh? He beat the odds. He is not the awkward, large, rather unfortunate little character anymore.

P.S. TOTALLY seeing the last Harry Potter at midnight with the girls. And dressing up, too. Judge me, I dare you.


  1. I thought this, too, when I saw recent pictures of Nicholas Hoult, the geeky kid in About A Boy. Some lucky ones grow out of their awkwardness (I was not one of those lucky ones).


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