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Monday, June 27, 2011


A journal entry I wrote while in Kenya.

-I love these people's sense of community. When one child is struggling in a class, they all pitch in to help. They walk to school together in the morning and afternoon. If a little one falls, they rally together to put her on their backs and walk them.
-I love that they are so strong mentally and physically. They have to be in order to survive. Particularly, the women.
-I dislike how women are treated, that their say is not important and that a dowry is put on them--like they are objects for sale.
-I dislike their lack of knowledge when it comes to sex. I dislike that sex is supposed to just be for the men and that they refuse to wear condoms.
-I love the children's eyes and smiles. When I see them, I love how their entire face lights up. I love the innocence in the children. They are not bombarded with all of the world's interests. They live their lives the best they know how.
-I love that they put education first. Because the test they take, the KCSE, is their only chance to survive and make it in this world. Can you imagine? One shot for their entire future.
-I love that they eat up every word that you teach them in the classroom or in conversation. I love that the Kenyans don't judge you based on your appearance. They love you for your personality, your mind, and your heart.
-I dislike that sometimes I feel like I'm a ticket to America. I don't like the way some of the men look at me.
-I love walking home with the African children when the sun is setting. I love how curious they are. I love our conversations.
-I love the way some of them look. :) (JUNGLE FEVER).
-I love when I walk down the dirt roads and I recognize people and they yell "Sisi!"
-I love when they sing and dance.
-I love when I walk into a classroom they all, in unison, claim "Good morning teacher! We are fine." in their British accents.
-I love how hard they work because all they have is education and each other.

I heart Kenya. And miss it so much.

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