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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Lunch Time at Bahakwenu.

There was a day while I was teaching at Bahakwenu that hit me so hard. All of the students had lined up for lunch--they received some corn porridge stuff (I'm not sure how to explain it. See below) They all line up by the kitchen, as they all waited patiently in line. A task, which I'm not sure is even possible by American students. The little ones went first. As they came halfway through the group, they ran out of food.
My heart sank. I looked around to try to solve this issue for them, but the students were just fine. They shrugged their shoulders, walked off, and went back to their classrooms or continued to play in the school yard. I found myself in tears. I couldn't believe my eyes. For some of these students, that was their only meal of the day. They assured me that this sort of thing did not happen often, but my world was completely torn apart. I wanted to feed these kids.
This experience, that happened in 5 minutes, instantly changed my perspective. Can you imagine? I shook my head in disbelief. How calm, humble, and selfless these children were! They were okay with not having a lunch, not having a meal for that day. Why? Because they realized that's their life. That is their everyday. And they don't have a choice. To sit their and complain would do no good. We are SO FORTUNATE here in the states. I complain if I haven't eaten in two hours.
How could I not look up to these children?

Chizi, one of my favorites (I know, you are not supposed to have favorites but she was BRILLIANT. She answered all of my questions) And look at THOSE EYES. Would you die?!

An average Kenyan Kitchen. I couldn't even be in there for 30 seconds due to the high amounts of smoke.

Waiting patiently in line.

The lunch they receive every day.

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