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Monday, April 4, 2011


Before I write, here are some pictures of my life recently.Yes, I am having FUN. Man, I'm lucky. (skip to writing if you want...or actually, most people just want to see pictures anyway. Eh, ya know what. Do what you feel is right. ha)

(festival of colors!)

(so full house.)

(Pondering on the marina in San Fran. I saw this picture and instantly proclaimed: "I look like my sister, Lexie." I do. Body language, playing with hair, everything. Sorta creepy.)

(Salt flats. Big butt.)

(Lauren and I at Alcatraz. It was pouring down rain. And quite beautiful, oddly enough.)

(love. All love.)

(The gang.)

(Downtown San Francisco. Artsy.)

(Hi. We're tourists. Can ya tell?)

(on the ferry to Alcatraz)

(shopping in san fran the the bethst fran)

(Sigh. This hat was me. So very me. I could have worn it in Africa like Jane in Tarzan. I just could not spend 50 dollars on a hat at Anthropologie. It will forever be in our hearts though...)

(Lake Tahoe. This one time we got stuck there on the way to San Francisco.)

(sauna time!)

(Reno. The trashiest place on this earth.)

I have begun to realize how much I am grateful over the past couple of days. I have been reminded that life is to be enjoyed; not just endured.

I went on a Spring Break trip that was rough, but it taught some things that I will NEVER forget. I was strengthened, tested, and ultimately have become wiser because of it.

I got into the elementary education program!

I have realized how many friends and family who are consistently picking me up when I keep falling down. My friend make me laugh on a consistent basis. Thank you.

I owe a majority of this realization to General Conference. The apostles and prophets always know EXACTLY what to say.
My rejuvenation for life has been rekindled.

I am ready and excited for Spring. I'm thrilled to see what opportunities the next few months have waiting for me. I am ready for the blossoms to burst, the sunshine to appear, and to be spend quality time outside. Doesn't the sunshine just make you so happy?

I cannot wait to finish this semester. And to be one step closer to actually being in my program!

I cannot WAIT for my LDC's spring show, The Family: A Proclamation to the World. This may seem like just another choir and concert, but this show is truly going to be amazing. I can feel it. It will change your life. And I'm not being cliche. Please find the time to come to feel the Spirit, to support me in my endeavors, and to have an incredible time. It has taken me awhile to get excited for this show; but that feeling has now hit and I want to spread it to the whole world!! (April 17th 6:00 and 8:00 pm at the UVU Institute. It's free)

I have a man who loves me. He treats me like a princess. And he's pretty cute too :)

I am going to live in AFRICA IN A MONTH. I get the opportunity to teach in a village in the middle of nowhere in Kenya. No Electricity. No running water. I'm scared to death. It's going to be wonderful. Haha. My perspective will change dramatically. And I cannot wait to learn and grow.

The Lord always reminds me how lucky I am. It has been a rough few weeks. I have been proved wrong once again. I never win with Him! Haha.

I hope you all will take the time to realize how much you have to be grateful for, despite the hardships that may seem to overwhelm you.

I love you. The Lord loves you. What else do you need? :)


P.S. In case anybody else was wondering...I think I'm a feminist. No big deal.


  1. You are the most un-feminist-feminist I think that there is! which is great! It sure makes your point of views very interesting to hear about. keep being awesome!

  2. I love this si! Such a beautiful post. So fun. You look like you are having some amazing times!


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