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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Oh, Easter!

This painting has altered my life.
I saw it at the BYU Exhibit, the paintings of Carl Bloch, a few months back.
I sat and stared at for multiple minutes.
This picture emphasizes the pain, agony, and distress the Savior went through for INDIVIDUALLY.
May we remember him this Easter season.

Part of me wishes I could be home, have all my family gathered around--eating that special Easter dinner. Of course, my mother would put those nasty marshmallow bunnies in my basket. I have many memories of decorating eggs. Then running around in the backyard trying to find all of them--but ultimately just becoming mad at Landon for ALWAYS getting more than me.
But Tanner's amazing family has offered me and Landon a place. Grateful for that. Maybe I can hit Landon again on the search for more Easter eggs this year?

Do an Easter egg hunt, eat some food, and remember what He did for you. :)
Happy Easter to all! And to all a good ni--...wrong holiday?
Thought so.
Regardless, I still leave love.

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