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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Mama Bear.

Happy 30th Birthday(ha) to the mother:

who has the funniest laugh (cackle) known to any human being.
who has the weirdest sense of humor including bodily functions.
who has the most giving heart.
who will listen to all of my college trials.
who has a realistic and practical solution for every problem.
who lets me be an individual; and always has.
who will do anything to watch me succeed.
who will support me in all my artistic, imaginative, "INFP dreaming" ideas.
who loves me and shows that through her actions.
who has the surprisingly good taste when picking out my clothes.
who buys EVERYTHING on sale. (The best bargain shopper in the world)
who made me smoothies every day growing up.
who drives the red hot Volvo. (Missing Veronica)
who listens to all my music; and dances to it (unfortunately).
who will yell louder than any other person at basketball games. Excluding my father, of course.
who has a solid, firm foundation of Christ.
who always wants to be outside and have fun.
who is a beautiful woman.

...who I love more than anything!

Happy Birthday, Mama Ainge.
You da bomb.
I love you a million good and plenties.

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  1. Yes, you have a wonderful mom, Sierra, and I think you captured her spirit beautifully.


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