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Monday, February 21, 2011

The Perfect Watch.

I recently had an experience with...I will say it....a male.
Here's the basic scenario of what happened: We dated. (as in, went on dates.) I liked him. I THOUGHT he liked me. blah blah blah. He found someone else.
Granted, there are some teensy complicated matters in there somewhere. ( missionary is currently home from his mission cause he had to get surgery and I've been seeing him too)
BUT. Before you judge... I was completely honest about the situation. To both of the guys.

No one has a handbook for this kind of situation.
No one tells you what to do in this circumstance.
No one should EVER have to go through this! Haha.
I tried my best to be honest in every situation, but without telling too much detail. What DO you do in this type of predicament?
Needless to say, I guess I just felt like I wasn't receiving the honesty from the first male that I was giving him.
side angry feminist note: why do I feel like I NEVER get honesty from men?
Me again: I'm not angry that he chose someone else. I guess I am just hurt that I wasn't treated to the full extent of the way that I should have been.

But isn't that the way it always goes?
You date. You fall. It doesn't work out. Then you start all over.

In every dating situation, I have learned so much.
I have learned the important things that matter to me in a partner; I have learned that I go through it so that I can grow and mature personally, so that my "perfect man" will be just that: perfect.

I've realized something through all of these messes though.
It is all about timing.

I believe that the Lord has many different people that you can work with. I believe that with a testimony and hard work, any marriage or relationship can last; as long as the Lord and family come first.

But I also believe that each person is at a different stage of life. And even though we all think this here in Provo: that we are in college, we date for a few months. then we get married.
...that is NOT where everybody is at. Even if they think they are.

Two different people can think they are at the exact same level; that they are on the same page, but that is not necessarily so. Factors such as communication issues, trust issues, dysfunctional pasts, etc. ALWAYS come into play.
And if both of you have dealt with those things; THAT is when timing is perfect.

Our lives depend on our agency. But the Lord also has a huge part in helping us reach the right timing to meet that special person. We date and continue to date until we say..."Okay, this is it."
And you know what? There will be some serious heartbreak. There will be feelings that come that you don't want to appear. There will be anger. There will be crying.
But that is because timing is off.

The Lord has the perfect watch. And believe me, it tells time way clearer than ours.

He (she) will come. But in the meantime, we actively pursue our goals. We actively develop ourselves so that when he or she does appear; we are ready.
And in the meantime, if he decides to choose someone else, you realize that you will be totally fine.


  1. Very good wisdom Sierra. Love you.

  2. I completely agree with this, and I love you! I hope you are doing okay. Let me know if you need anything :)
    love, shelby

  3. Gosh what a tough situation! My goodness I'm so glad that i never have to deal with dating ever again. You will find your perfect match one day. And he will be awesome. Like you.

  4. The Lord's watch IS perfect. I just love that. :-)


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