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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Roommate Love.

Happy 22nd Birthday to my awesome roommate and lover
Chelsea Karen Smith!

{how priceless is this?!}

Things I love about Chelsea Welsea:

Her responsibility. The girl is a walking to do list. And she somehow ALWAYS gets everything done.
Her reliability. If you need her to do something, she will get it done.
She somehow always looks put together. I don't understand it.

{swimming hole}

Her fun personality.
She is up for anything.
We have so many of the same interests.

She is always willing to laugh at/with me. Ex: falling while skiing.

She is always there for me.
Through thick and thin.
The nights when I come home crying or angry, she is there to sit and listen.

She is so nice!!!

Her ridiculous good looks.

Her love for Canada.
Just Kidding. I don't love that. hehe.

Her testimony. The gospel comes so easy for her and she follows it with no question.

Her facial expressions.
When she's mad, it is a distinct look.
When she's making fun of me, it's a distinct look.
Her faces are PERFECT.
{See amazing picture above}

Happy Birthday, beautiful! Thank you for being so wonderful!

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