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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Big Brudda.

Happy Birthday to my favorite (heh.) older brother!

Things I love about Lanny.

His ability to see the positive in everybody.
Landon has the best heart of anybody I know.
When he sees someone, he only sees their potential.
The positive aspects about somebody always outweigh the negative;
He never says anything bad about anyone. Ever.

Everyone is his best friend.
He is one of the most outgoing people I have ever meet.
He is genuinely interested in everybody
The ability to be friends with anyone the instant he meets them!

His loyalty.
His huge heart.
Despite our many differences, the fact that we have so many similar interests.
His love for music.
His love for family.
His love for basketball.

He has dealt with so much of my crap in the past.
And loves me in spite of it.
His example of kindness and love.
His solid testimony.
His dorky sense of humor.
His side smirk.

His hard work.
His constant service.
His constant love.
His positive aura.
His fun personality. He is never bored.
His brain.
His exponential amount of energy. He never stops!

Happy Birthday to the kindest big brother in the entire world.
Have a good 22nd, Landon David Ainge.
I love you!

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