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Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I have been humbled on several occasions in the past few weeks.
And I can't contain myself from writing about it.

I have failed continuously in my life. Especially recently.
But by no surprise, the next event that happens after this failure is always a tender mercy. I am constantly reminded of everything that I have.

I failed the test to get into my major.
Then sang in Forgotten Carols with Michael Mclean. I felt the presence of Meme there while singing. It felt her saying to me: "Everything is going to be okay."
I went and saw Savior of the World at Temple Square because my best friend, Meredith, was in it. In it, they acted out the Lord talking to Simon Peter and telling him to feed His sheep. Simon Peter ignores him. The Savior tells him again. He ignores once again. Finally, on the third time, he listens.
I look over to my other best friend, maria, and go: "Sometimes it takes three times."
I cried from the overpowering feeling of the Spirit in both of these incidences.

I was humiliated and hurt by a particular male. For some reason, I allowed that situation to hurt me pretty bad. I'm not sure why.
Then I sang in my LDC Christmas Show. As we sang "Amazing Grace" I could feel the empathy from the Savior and all of my wonderful friends in the choir. I knew everything was going to be okay.

I had a really negative outlook on singing Gloria with Lex de Azevedo with my choir.
The next day, the Provo Tabernacle, a beloved building in Provo burned down. My choir was one of the last choirs to sing in that building ever. I went to the show and sang with the choirs and in one of the songs my body was filled with chills.
The Lord slapped me across the face for that one.

I thought I failed my math final. I spent hours in bed over all of this hard work I had been doing.
I find out in Puerto Rico that I miraculously passed the class.
You have no idea how much I needed that.

I was complaining about my back hurting and from exhaustion in Puerto Rico.
We show up at one of the families that Landon taught, and they lived in a small house. They had nothing. We continued to visit people with such humble abodes and it was such an incredible feeling to realize that these people are so happy with so little.
The kids were so incredible.
The land was incredible.
The people were incredible.

I am so humbled this holiday season.
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!
(pictures from Puerto Rico coming soon)

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