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Thursday, November 4, 2010


Forgive me for the constant blog updates.
Things have been on my mind a lot recently (well, actually, what's new?)

Today, especially, was an incredible day. I can't NOT share this story with all of you.

My choir, Latter Day Celebration Choir (LDC), an auditioned group at the Orem Institute of Religion, is the most incredible opportunity I've ever experienced.
Today, I had to give the devotional. Everyone in the choir is assigned to give a quick message and sing their testimony at the beginning of class.
I almost peed my pants from nervousness.
It was incessantly only my mind for numerous days.
Last night I had all the sheets prepared;I was ready to give my message. This morning I woke up and got the impression to throw all of that aside and just go with the flow. I did that.
....It was not smooth.
Yet, I talked straight from the spirit. I spoke exactly what my heart felt. And amidst some teary eyes (no, I did NOT cry thank you very much. I did get close though), I spit it out.

Then I began to sing "Abide With Me Tis Eventide."
I was so nervous. I shook a little. I avoided eye contact.
Then once I looked up and saw my incredible fellow choir members' smiling faces, I immediately calmed.
I sang everything that my heart has ever felt.
I sang the sadness I have felt in the past years.
I sang all the anger, frustration, loneliness that has molded me.
I sang all the emotions I feel!
I sang about how I know that the Lord is always listening to our prayers.
I sang about the peace that comes from calling out to Him when we are weak.
I sang my testimony of Jesus Christ.

I didn't sing it perfectly. But that was not the point. I wasn't trying to sing better than anybody else in my choir.
I sang from my heart.
I became relaxed and calm.
And the spirit took over.
I don't even remember how I sang, I just remember feeling the incredible spirit.
It was wonderful.

Tears were shed by many choir members. The spirit was so strong, I could only smile.
Rehearsal today was so much better. The spirit took over and we automatically all sounded better. Br. Eggett even noticed the difference (which is huge in itself).

It is amazing how much music makes a difference. And more importantly, it's fantastic to see, feel, and hear the difference when the songs are all about the Lord. When you turn your heart, your musical talents, your technique to the Lord, the spirit will take over and make it perfect.

Oh, and last night I prayed and prayed for a long period of time for this devotional to go well.
Just another indicator that the Lord does, in fact, answer prayers.

Today reiterates WHY I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.It reminded me why the Lord put me this choir.
Music, the spirit, and love change lives.


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