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Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween?

Remember when girls try to look all sexy and cute on Halloween?
Well that's exactly what I DIDN'T do this year.

I present to you my very ungirly, exponentially dorky, unsurprisingly hilarious Halloween Costumes this year.

Costume #1: Hick.

Wif da boys.
UAC Annual Ward Halloween Dance Party
(that I planned. Glad that's over)


party animal.

costume #2: SIAMESE TWIN! ha.

model shots beginning NOW.




love these pictures. This one time we decided to jump into a pile of leaves. together. while attached. fail.


Costume #3: Pirate.

mid air.

gazing at my fellow choir members who can SING.

Yea. I also wore Maria's Aurora outfit to work. (There's a picture of that somewhere...hmm...) and a tutu at another party.
Can you tell I'm a little indecisive?

You are welcome.
Hope your Halloween was as dorky and fun as mine.

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