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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Falling for Fall.

(Me and kindred spirit. We were dressed as Siamese Twins for Halloween. We decided to fall into a pile of leaves while conjoined. Win.)

There is something so exquisitely pleasant, so unfathomably beautiful about all of the colors.
The mountains here in Utah are incredible.
Everyday as I drive home, I notice the glorious splendor of the amazing landscape that surrounds me.
Although I dislike the lack of green (Holla to the OR), autumn here in Provo makes the mountains all green, the trees colorful and overall quite magnificent.
With a slight chill in the air, it has snow on top of the mountains as well. I adore the mountains when snow appears on them--it makes them so much more majestic (I don't, however, like dealing with the stupid snow. ugh)
And for a brief time period, I am appreciating Utah's decor.

I love
the crinkling of the leaves that have fallen off the trees onto the ground as you walk to school.
the trees full of orange, maroon, red, green colors.
the slight chill, but still with the sun shining. A nice, fall feel incorporating a clear blue sky.
being able to wear all my cute sweaters, hoodies, jeans, etc!
curling up at night and watching movies (except I lack that whole male thing...tear)
warm fires. Warm blankets. Warm hearts.
that Fall smell. Yea, you know what I am talking about.
thanksgiving&halloween...slowly moving to Christmas time. Love that feeling.
hot cocoa. Apple cider.
late night talks with friends.
afternoon fall walks. Sunday fall drives.
colors. colors. colors.
the beginning of christmas music. (in choir and elsewhere)
BAKING. mmmm food.
etc. etc.

Happy Fall!
(see you next year. hardy har har)

Peace&blessings&gratefulness. ♥

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