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Sunday, October 3, 2010


Whoa whoa dancing in September.
OH, it was a month of stress, laughter, and love.
No matter how busy I seem to constantly be, I am so grateful for all the wonderful blessings I have been given.

Ergo... September: Scrapbook style.

*Brad Paisley (With Darius Rucker) Concert!

My main man, Tanner took me :)

*LDC (Retreat/performances)

Fake engagement picture #1

Just showing my fellow choir members some sick dance moves.


just acting as natalie.
I'm a good actress.


"Friends" picture


I love these girls more than life.

Meredith: "Whoa Sierra your ___ look really good!"
This picture is pure genius.


Fake engagement picture #2

Fake engagement picture #3.
I get around.

I do modeling on the side. LDC gets my good side.

*Random fun

Roomie pics! Love them!

Oh, Volleyball!

thuper duper exthited.

randomly saw Brad, I mean Elder Smith, at the temple.
Can you tell I felt really awkward not being able to hug him?


I'm not high.

Kittens AND horses?! Unreal.
Just preparing my nervous self.

*My 20th Birthday.
My roommates threw me a surprise party. It was great fun!

*October 2010 General Conference
I am aware that this is technically in October, but since I still felt like this weekend was September, I am allowing this exception. I got to go to the conference center with my roommates and it was a way cool experience!

Standing outside in the mega hot sun.

Please ignore the fact that I fell asleep once they turned off the lights.
They should not dim those lights.
That's just cruel.
And I only slept through one talk.
Judge me, I dare you.
IN conference center. After they told us not to take pictures.

Isn't life so great? September, you were so good to me.
Til next time.
For now, I have to study for math.
I'd rather die.

*End on a positive note*
I LOVE GENERAL CONFERENCE. I am so grateful to be a part of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It has brought me so many blessings. I owe all my happiness to the Lord.
As always, love you all. ♥


  1. i'm telling you girl... you're going to marry tanner.

  2. Uh what? I thought you and Tanner were a "summer fling"


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