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Saturday, October 16, 2010


[written awhile ago. not directed towards anyone currently in my life.]
Forgive the "deepness" (no pun intended.)

In the midst of towering birch trees,
a chill wind blew.
Did you know as you stood on our frosty mess that you
discovered my weakness?
You. You were my fault.
You were heavy.
I fell into the ditch of games.
So next time,

Please call before you dig,
So I can warn myself; prepare for how
deep the hole will be.

How many of us have been dug out?
Taken into someone's arms, then slowly let go.
Fallen into the ditch, then left there all alone.
You broke me down, then dug me out.
I'm putting the pieces back together.

Next time,
walk away before you throw me into the ditch.
You want me. Then you don't.
Make up your mind.
This trapeze is making me fall.
This ditch too is deep.
Dig me out before I let myself wait too long.

I've waited around for you for too long.
You haven't dug me out.
It's my turn to dig now.
It's taken hours of tears,
weeks of work,
But now,
I have finally...

dug you out of my life.

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