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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

We're Gonna Party Like It's 1999.

A week and a half ago, September 9, 2010, I wrote a blog post around 3 o clock in the afternoon for my birthday. I talked about how I had no big plans.
Just was going to have a fun, relaxing evening with some of my closest friends.
After Meredith almost ruined it, and Maria bought me the most amazing bra known to man, er, woman I guess. (The "Incredible" bra at Victoria's Secret. The name is not lying. I kid you not. I put it on and instantly proclaimed, "This is incredible!") roommates, Maria and Chelsea, THREW ME A SURPRISE 20TH BIRTHDAY PARTY!
It was simply fantastic! And although I had an inkling as to what was going on a little earlier, I was surprised nonetheless.
The party was such a success! I have never had a surprise birthday, and it was perfect.
In fact, it lasted about five hours with people coming and going.
The cops showed up.
No big deal.

We know how to do it here in Provo. (We, as in the Oregonians, of course).

All in all, the day could not have been better. I felt so loved.
I am so grateful to my roommates and Landon for throwing this party for me and for all the little things they regularly do for me.
I'm so grateful for the birthday wishes, hugs, phone calls and small things you all did!
I am so grateful for the wonderful people in my life.
I'm so grateful to be alive! FINALLY 20 and ready for a great year!

Here are some pictures of the day. (as usual, numerous pictures below. Thanks to Meredith, my personal photographer)
Note: pictures are in no particular order.

Maria and Chelsea. The party planners slash best roommates ever.

Big brudda, Landon.
[Ignore David]

He loves me.

Just singing with Murdith.
[Notice a pattern of David ruining every picture?]

Choir nerds.
[Love 'em.]



Oh, just interpretive dancing. Naturally.
[Unfortunately, this is NOT when the cops showed up. You would think that though, right?]

With the lovers.

Lifelong friends ♥

All the birthday girls!

Family. Isn't it about...time?



One of many faces...

My best friends ♥


He's squinting. And he decided to show up finally.

Ward friends. I really was happy, I swear.

party animals.

Why are we so awkward?

Ignore Adam. I love Lauren, el president of choir!

Love these boys.


gang. in the beginning.


...and we DID party like it was 1999.

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