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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sexy Lexie

This is my sister, Alexandra Kay Ainge Cottle.

It is her 27th birthday.
She is absolutely wonderful.
Things I love about Lexie:

*She is the most positive person I know. She is constantly looking at every aspect of life in an optimistic way. If something gets her down, she always seems to find a way back up.
*She is the best mother. Brizzy is not the easiest child on the planet. Yet, she truly LOVES being a mom. She tries to enjoy every minute with her child.
She is hilarious. Our family talks about this. Lexie and I are the funniest members. (Not to toot my own horn or anything.) She is ALWAYS making me laugh.
*She is obsessed with So You Think You Can Dance, The Bachelorette, Modern Family, Friends, and Arrested Development like me! (Don't worry, I don't actually watch that much tv)
*I sincerely look up to her and her husband, Nick, for the their marriage. They are not perfect, but they are always laughing together, playing together, and I admire their love for one another.
*She is the most determined person I know. When she sets her mind to something, she will get it done. Although she tends to leave things a lot, she is super hardworking. She was graduated with her masters at a young age. I admire her for this.
*She is such a good sister. She's not as sappy as me, but I know that she is always there for me--even when I sometimes don't deserve it.

(LONG time ago)

Note: SAME EXACT facial expression. My dad is always calling me Lexie, because he says my mannerisms are the most like her. I move like her, talk like her, etc.
Or maybe he calls me that because he loves her more...
*On that note, she is the peacemaker. She's always been the "favorite, easy child." (We all know this, Lu, don't try to deny it). She is so easygoing and nonchalant about things. She never holds a grudge.
*Her example. She has always excelled in every aspect of her life. She is obedient to the gospel and I admire her for her natural born leadership. I apparently love her example so much, I want to be the same thing she is (guidance counselor).
*Everyone loves Lexie. They always want to be around her. She's easygoing and has a light about her.
*She is ALWAYS doing something outside. Whether it be tennis, or running a half marathon (crazy woman) she loves to be active. She's constantly on the go! I wish I had her energy!
*She is so much fun! She makes every moment a memory through her laughing and enjoying the present. No matter what it is, you will have fun with her.
*Her love for Jesse Mccartney and keeping up with the latest "hip" songs. (Even though she sings the wrong words. Ipod, not eyeball, Lu.)
*She is gorgeous. Naturally. She hardly wears any makeup. Every guy in high school thought she was the hottest woman alive. Still is.

Happy Birthday, Lexie.
I love you so much! I am so grateful for your example, lightheartedness, and light.
You are amazing. Have a good one big seeeester :)


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