Sierra's View: August 2010

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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Bye Bye Summer

Warning: Lots of pictures.

caught bouquet at Anna's wedding. Yikes. Congratulations, girl!

High school friends at the wedding.

Bestie with no pants.

Landon half sleeping/half praying. Funny, nonetheless.

Mid throw at the beach.


[dog obsession]

Anna's Bachelorette Party!


Tanner :)


All reunited.



Swimming. And headbands.



Oh, Simba...

And FAMILY (mostly brizzy. haha)

Mom. muhahaha.


All together at last!



Focused, Palmer.

beautiful baby, teya.

Sassy, Portia.

Hilarious, Brizzy. Just chillin in her car seat.

4th of July!

Note: Brizzy and Sierra photoshoot starting NOW.

Til we meet again, summer. You were good to me. ♥

Friday, August 6, 2010

That Place.

We all have "that place" that we thoroughly enjoy going to.
That one place where when life seems to kick us down, it automatically brings us right back up.
That one place where all of our thinking occurs. Where life's answers come to pass. Where questions are consistently being tossed around in our ever constant heads.
That place, for me, is my CABIN at Crescent Lake.

I have numerous memories from the cabin. Growing up, I spent every summer reveling in the clear, blue water, the smell of pine, and the warm sun (which somehow ALWAYS led to sunburns)

The cabin is my favorite place in the world.

Because of the following:

long, deep conversations between aunts,uncles, cousins, parents, etc.
hilarious debates, usually consisting of bodily functions and embarrassing memories.

acting out skits
and now,
intense card games & intense reading sessions.

sliding off the old water mattresses over&over&over again.
and now,
finding the courage to dive into the FREEZING snow melt off water.

learning how to ski behind Meme's old boat
and now,
learning how to wake board behind James's boat.

getting frustrated and screaming at my grandmother (and everyone else in site)
laughing so hard I couldn't make it up the big hill back to the cabin.

Taking little siestas on the dock
on the boat.

being a little kid at the cabin
and now,
watching the little kids bask in the wonderful atmosphere.

rowing "Irv" over to the little island to play
and now,
lying like a dead fish reading in the sun. (Hint: laziness is required there)

How amazing the dinners taste at night
how much of a sweet tooth occurs the second you walk in the doors.

The old cabin
and now,
the brand new cabin.

The beaming hot sun
the annoying wind that appears in the afternoon.

The forever famous dock that always seems to be packed
driving the sea doos past the dock repeatedly to annoy the parents.

Getting eaten alive by mosquitoes
building fires to make smores (and to make the mosquitoes go away)

Never getting any sleep
dealing with it.

The view of mountains and water from the dock during the day
at sunset.

That place. Sigh.