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Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Most Wonderful Time of Year!

I don't care what the Christmas song says...SUMMER is the most wonderful time of year.
(Christmas time is a close second)

Update! My Oregon Summer thus far:

Went to my favorite place on this earth: my cabin.

Followed tradition and went to the 4th of July St. Paul Rodeo with my home girls.
And it rained. The entire time. (hence the umbrella and exquisitely wet, dog-like hair)
P.S. I have really a pretty best friend, huh?
ha.ha. Love you, Mufasa.

Lanny came home from his mission.

The Ainge Gang took yet another awkward family picture. YAY.

Spent time with the fam.
And took more awkward pictures with them.

Yours truly ran in Epic Relays (3 miles baby! In this attire. At night. Boom)
(Do you sense the awkwardness pattern yet?)

FYI: I can now go in and out of the wake. What. Bring it.
Awkward. Again. Weird. Yet, super classic. Agreed?

Went swimming.
Hey, took really good pictures then too.

Spent time with my friends ON the boat.
And what do you know? Took MORE really good pictures with them, too.

I think it would be safe to say that the following conclusions should be notified to you all:
A. I took horribly awkward, yet quite entertaining pictures.
B. My summer has been awesome.

(more awkwardly awesome pictures to come. Shocking, I know)

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