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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Double Whammy.

Today must be a popular day to birth a child.
This is a double whammy post for two very important women in my life: My best friend, Maria and my big sister, Briawna.

This is Maria Charise Cardenaz. My bestest friend.

I love...

Her crazy makeup/outfit choices.

Her sense of humor.

Her willingness to always act crazy with me.

Her smile.

Her ability to love. EVERYONE.
Her obedience to the gospel.
Her hard work.
Her beautiful face.
Her randomness.
Her major freak outs.
Her empathy.
Her giggle.
Her cooking skills.

Ria, you are my best friend. I always got your back. Thank you for your example, love and friendship. Have an incredible birthday baby girl!
I love you a million reeses pieces. (x9)


This is Briawna Leigh Ainge Hugh. My older sister.
I love...

Her absolute, unfathomable, fierce loyalty to her family and kids.

Her adoration for words and literature. I wish I could read a book half as fast as she can. And still obtain all of it's content. Ha.

Her focus. She sets her mind and follows through with it.

Her role as my second mother. I know she didn't really have the choice to be my second mother, but I want her to know that I truly do appreciate it. And she did do a pretty good job if I do say so myself. :)
Her goofiness. She is always willing to laugh.
Her sheer obedience to the gospel.
Her watching Glee, So You Think You Can Dance, and The Bachelorette with me.
Her beautifulness.
Her creativity.
Her cooking skills (I'm really going to miss those sunday meals)
Her allowing to me come over and crash her apartment often.
Her example.

Happy Birthday, BriWAna! Thank you for sleeping with me as a little girl and dealing with my kicking, thank you for your example, and your love. I love you.

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