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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Lady GAGa

I'll be the first (yes, maybe the FIRST) to admit I love Lady Gaga.

Not in the "Oh my gosh, she's such a talented, wholesome celebrity" kind of way.
But more like the, "She's a freak and does whatever she wants and that's awesome" kind of way.

Plus, you can't help but dance to her sweet beats (except for that stupid telephone song. What's that all about? LAME.)

But this:

(Hmmm, Bob, There's GOTTA be a pen in here somewhere.)

This...hurts me. Like physically makes my body ache.

WHAT IS SHE WEARING?! I secretly wanted to go to her concert. Only because I would find it thoroughly, I daresay, exponentially, entertaining. But I honestly don't think I could make it through her costume changes.

I think I wore this on my first day of Kindergarten when my mom let me dress myself and I decided to wear my Halloween "batwoman" costume.
If you See Lady G, let her know I want it back.

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