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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Happy Birfday, Lyssie Poo!

This amazing, beautiful, hilarious WOMAN (yes, woman) was born today twenty years ago today.I am so sad that I can't be with her on her special day, so I thought I'd let her know the things I love about her on her SPECIAL DAY!

1. Her ability to laugh. In Idaho, she would always laugh at my stupid jokes. Her sense of humor matched mine perfectly. Her laugh always made me smile. Our lives were constant jokes. Haha

2. Her personality is contagious. She has the incredible sense of making friends with everyone she meets. I swear, every single person on this planet adores her!

3. All of our inside jokes (Alyssa, did you GO to high school?!) hahahah. TOASTED cheeeeese Sandwich. I love all of her personal handwritten letters she writes.

4. She's the BEST listener. Sometimes I call her (oh wait..she doesn't have a phone) Excuse me, I Facebook chat her and just whine and complain. And she always listens--she even compliments me on all of my good qualities in the midst of it!

5. I love her fixation on certain movies or characters. CoughTwilightcough. She has the most random obsession with things... And she will quote movie lines with me nonstop. (You're weird. Hellzzzz yea I am)

6. Her friendship to me is irreplaceable. She is always willing to deal with my crap.

7. Her obedience to the Lord. It just comes natural to her. And I look up to her for that.
(Oh and her obedience to me, her mother. And her father, Abe. She always follows her curfew, even after Dad went to war. "Awww mom&dad, I don't wanna walk the dog")

8. Her love for everybody. She can see the good in every single person. I hardly hear her talk behind other people's backs or say negative things about others. She's extremely forgiving.

9. Her AMAZING GOOD LOOKS. You are beautiful, Alyssa. Inside and Out.

10. She was always up for a random good time in Idaho. Whether it be riding in Rex down a hill, or running around & acting super immature. She is always willing to be crazy with me :)

She is INCREDIBLE. I adore her friendship, her love, her sense of humor, her kindness, and her spirit!!
I love you Alyssa Kathleen Danielson!! I miss you so much. And I hope you have a fantastic Birthday. You deserve it, baby girl!

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  1. i am seriously so lucky you are my best friend!
    love you sierra!!


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