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Friday, June 18, 2010


Celtics Lost in Game Seven of the NBA Finals.
I'm sad.

BUT..they weren't even supposed to get that far in the first place, so I am proud of them for getting to that point!! I may or may not blame the 4th quarter on the awful refs.

I still love my CELTICS!
(Even if they are the most terrifying and frustating team to watch)

And I apologize to the many different people who have watched the playoff games with me. I am rather loud, opinionated and I get very emotionally involved. I'm an Ainge. Can you blame me?

This is Rondo. Slash the REAL MVP of the Finals. Kobe had the worst game and still got MVP. Drives me nuts. One day I'll marry him. (rondo...not Kobe) He's just so cute and little and quick. I just love him!

I hate the Lakers.
But I still love Rondo.
Good fight, boys. Good fight.

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