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Saturday, June 19, 2010

My Dad is Better Than Yours.

Not to be competitive or anything. Because I'm not. At all. Ever.
okay. I am.
You can thank mi padre for that one.

It's Father's Day. And because UVU sucks at planning I am just three days short of being able to spend the Day for Daddies with that such person.
I just want to prove to you all how wonderful my father, David Donald Ainge truly is. And since I'm a poor college student and didn't get him one thing...this is yet again my present to him.

1. He is INCREDIBLE with children. He sort of looks like a scary man, and sure, he yells a lot. Despite his intensity, every single child I know, absolutely loves him. He is so good with them. He adores his grandchildren and they adore him even moreso.

2. His compassion and empathy and kindness for others is incomparable. He has been through some awful things in life. And despite those trials, he has learned and grown from each of them. He understands. I can always tell him how I feel. He never judges. He is kind to EVERYONE. He truly cares about others--and people can feel that from him.

3. His love for words. I have a letter hanging up right next to my laptop that he wrote me before I left for college. I read it almost every day. And I cry about half of the time I read it. He is so gifted with words. He has passed that love of words and writing to me as well. He is very well spoken and knows how to word things perfectly. He's an incredible public speaker. I admire His communication skills and the strength and ability and confidence to write and speak what he feels. He gives the best advice. And believe me, he is FULL of advice to give to me. I truly do appreciate his thoughts and I respect his advice in everything.

4. I think my dad is African.
Where did my fair skin come from? My life is average.
Exhibit A&B:

5. His loyalty. He makes a lot of effort with people--especially his family. He would do anything for the people he loves. There was an instant, quite literally, where he left in the middle of the night and drove across 3 states to be there for me in one of the hardest moments of my life.

6. His sense of humor. He will sit there and watch a television show by himself and laugh so loud that I can hear him upstairs. I remember when I was a little girl that he would keep me up from laughing and talking so loud downstairs. His laugh and humor is infectious.

7. His love for sports&movies&the beach&Disneyland&music. We have so much in common. Him and I share the love of numerous similar aspects. Some of my fondest memories are watching basketball games with him and just watching HIM yell--not even the game. You think I'M intense? You ain't seen nothin yet. He coached most of my sporting events growing up. I don't think I would have succeeded without his push. He is SO wise when it comes to sports and he always helped push me to my greatest ability. His love for music too. I'd cuddle with him as a little girl while he'd sing to me. It helped me fall asleep instantly. We both love the beach so much. Often times I have found that we will both sit there in silence for long period of times and enjoy the sound of the ocean.


8. This is Simba. He's my dad's 6th child. You think I'm spoiled?

(P.S. anybody who's anybody knows about Simba. )

9. He has very high standards for me, for himself, for his family. He has been given so many talents with athletics, leadership, kindness and he makes sure he uses them. He also expects me to succeed in this world. He wants me to be happy and he pushes me in the gospel, in life, in school, to be the best person I am able to be. He motivates me. He is such a great example in the gospel, especially. He travels a lot and amidst the traveling, he always makes the gospel a priority.

10. He's such a worry wart. Actually, wait...I HATE this. I don't know if it's just his age (you're just gettin old, Dad ;)) or that I'm the baby--he worries sooo much. But at the end of the day, this means so much to me. It means he truly cares. I have never doubted that my daddy loves me. he is not perfect. At all. But I am grateful for his example and undying love for me.

I love you, Dad. You are such an amazing person. I am so grateful to have you as my father. Happy Fathers Day 2010.

Your baby and "cuddle bear",

Friday, June 18, 2010


Celtics Lost in Game Seven of the NBA Finals.
I'm sad.

BUT..they weren't even supposed to get that far in the first place, so I am proud of them for getting to that point!! I may or may not blame the 4th quarter on the awful refs.

I still love my CELTICS!
(Even if they are the most terrifying and frustating team to watch)

And I apologize to the many different people who have watched the playoff games with me. I am rather loud, opinionated and I get very emotionally involved. I'm an Ainge. Can you blame me?

This is Rondo. Slash the REAL MVP of the Finals. Kobe had the worst game and still got MVP. Drives me nuts. One day I'll marry him. (rondo...not Kobe) He's just so cute and little and quick. I just love him!

I hate the Lakers.
But I still love Rondo.
Good fight, boys. Good fight.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


I officially HATE that half of my best friends live in another state.
But, I guess that means I am growing up and getting old, erego...another

10 Things I love about Rebecca Lee Luetjen
I can't be with you on your birthday, so this is my present for you. Enjoy :)

1. Her love for the following: basketball, life story songs, and rodeos. We have so many of the same interests! I love doing things with her because she's usually up for anything. And most of the time, we do things we both love to do!

2. Her sarcasm and brutal honesty. It's refreshing.

3. She is such a hard worker. She hasn't been handed everything on a silver platter and she's willing to work her butt off for what she wants. She's determined and doesn't let anyone stand in her way.

4. Her brazilian BEAUTY. Biotch. We even each other out. Dark and white. (Oh and our matching AWESOME big booties ;))

5. She is SO CHILL. I envy this about her. I am such a worry wart and she has the incredible ability to be carefree and not worry about things that can't be changed. Her confidence is amazing.

6. She gets me! Haha, sounds so silly. But honestly, she truly understands everything I'm trying to say. I don't have to explain anyhing to her because she just understands my point of view and thoughts. I love our deep conversations.

7. Her brains. The girl is a freakin genius. She has always done so well in school. It's so impressive. (Don't worry, I'm not an envious friend at all)

8. I sort of love her/hate her for getting me attached to Grey's Anatomy. We'll go with LOVE on this one.

9. She always finds a way to make me feel good about myself. It takes a special, confident person to do that. Whether it's my hair or skin, she always finds a way to compliment....especially at times when I probably don't deserve it. Despite her brutal honesty, she is one of the kindest people I know :)

10. She is the least judgmental person I know. She doesn't care what you have done, she is willing to be your friend. That's why she has so many of them!

Beck, No matter how far apart we are, or how little we talk, I always know you are there for me (vice versa). I can talk to you about anything. And distance/time doesn't affect our friendship. We always pick up right where we started. Every. Single.Time.
Thanks for all the memories and love. More will come this summer :)
I love you, beautiful! You have so much going for you in your life.


(so old)


Saturday, June 5, 2010

Happy Birfday, Lyssie Poo!

This amazing, beautiful, hilarious WOMAN (yes, woman) was born today twenty years ago today.I am so sad that I can't be with her on her special day, so I thought I'd let her know the things I love about her on her SPECIAL DAY!

1. Her ability to laugh. In Idaho, she would always laugh at my stupid jokes. Her sense of humor matched mine perfectly. Her laugh always made me smile. Our lives were constant jokes. Haha

2. Her personality is contagious. She has the incredible sense of making friends with everyone she meets. I swear, every single person on this planet adores her!

3. All of our inside jokes (Alyssa, did you GO to high school?!) hahahah. TOASTED cheeeeese Sandwich. I love all of her personal handwritten letters she writes.

4. She's the BEST listener. Sometimes I call her (oh wait..she doesn't have a phone) Excuse me, I Facebook chat her and just whine and complain. And she always listens--she even compliments me on all of my good qualities in the midst of it!

5. I love her fixation on certain movies or characters. CoughTwilightcough. She has the most random obsession with things... And she will quote movie lines with me nonstop. (You're weird. Hellzzzz yea I am)

6. Her friendship to me is irreplaceable. She is always willing to deal with my crap.

7. Her obedience to the Lord. It just comes natural to her. And I look up to her for that.
(Oh and her obedience to me, her mother. And her father, Abe. She always follows her curfew, even after Dad went to war. "Awww mom&dad, I don't wanna walk the dog")

8. Her love for everybody. She can see the good in every single person. I hardly hear her talk behind other people's backs or say negative things about others. She's extremely forgiving.

9. Her AMAZING GOOD LOOKS. You are beautiful, Alyssa. Inside and Out.

10. She was always up for a random good time in Idaho. Whether it be riding in Rex down a hill, or running around & acting super immature. She is always willing to be crazy with me :)

She is INCREDIBLE. I adore her friendship, her love, her sense of humor, her kindness, and her spirit!!
I love you Alyssa Kathleen Danielson!! I miss you so much. And I hope you have a fantastic Birthday. You deserve it, baby girl!

Speaking of Which...

Speaking of Lady Gaga (see previous post).
GLEE--my favorite show (along with Modern Family) did a version of Lady Gaga's Poker Face.
It is INCREDIBLE. I've put it on repeat multiple times today.

Just take it in. Such an incredible arrangement.
Plus Lea Michele and Idina Menzel are incredible (particularly together).
If you get the chance, go listen to their vision of "I Dreamed a Dream" too.
I cried. yes, CRIED, when I watched/listened to that song and this one.

I LOVE GLEE SO MUCH!!!! And I don't care who knows it!!!
Enjoy :)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Lady GAGa

I'll be the first (yes, maybe the FIRST) to admit I love Lady Gaga.

Not in the "Oh my gosh, she's such a talented, wholesome celebrity" kind of way.
But more like the, "She's a freak and does whatever she wants and that's awesome" kind of way.

Plus, you can't help but dance to her sweet beats (except for that stupid telephone song. What's that all about? LAME.)

But this:

(Hmmm, Bob, There's GOTTA be a pen in here somewhere.)

This...hurts me. Like physically makes my body ache.

WHAT IS SHE WEARING?! I secretly wanted to go to her concert. Only because I would find it thoroughly, I daresay, exponentially, entertaining. But I honestly don't think I could make it through her costume changes.

I think I wore this on my first day of Kindergarten when my mom let me dress myself and I decided to wear my Halloween "batwoman" costume.
If you See Lady G, let her know I want it back.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


For those of you who know me quite well are probably sick of hearing me talk about brain typing. Saw this analysis on it and HAD to post it.

INFP. At first, this doesn't sound like me. But I'm