Sierra's View: May 2010

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010


This one is for my sisters for their new (dorky) obsession with minivans.
And for you all your large, Mormon families.


Monday, May 24, 2010

Life IS Good, Ain't It?

LDC Tour ♥

Team Cheers. Three Little PIGGIES (Cough LDC cough)

Oh, just the mansion me and Mer stayed in. This is about 1/4 of the house.

Things happen on bus rides...

During the show.


Best game ever. Ignore Meredith's anorexic legs. It's the angle. My legs look skinny too. The picture makes you believe things...

Choir nerds.

LDC Tour=Find your Kindred Spirit ♥

More Love.

Girls Nights!

Typical looks.

Hiking the Y.

(Note: Little sweaters tied around waists. Classy. Shout out to Anna and Lauren!)


My only functional relationship.

Jace and Jenne's Wedding!

Oh just chels and I livin the dream back in the day.

I was driving home from school today and I was just listening to the radio while thinking (again, what's new?) that I have such an incredible life. I am taking a math class right now and it literally takes up 92% of my time. My days consist of school, math, and work. And despite the immense frustration that occurs while doing 6 hours of math and 8 hours of work (hint: my day yesterday), I realized while driving that at least I have the opportunity to experience this all.

Things I like at this moment: CELTICS WINNING (Going all the way,baby!) Friends Episodes, and my thinking time in the car :)
Things I dislike: SNOW AT THE END OF MAY IN PROVO (Can you tell I'm not happy about this?) & math.

What I have done recently:

1. LDC Choir Tour. My choir went on a tour a couple of weeks ago traveling to Colorado and Utah just singing for about 5 days. It was the most incredible experience. We sang at high schools, seminaries, stake centers, rest homes. It was amazing to watch people feel the spirit as we sang. I felt like I was changing their lives for good. I knew I was changing mine. And there is no better feeling.
2. Bonfires. Swimming. Dancing. Weddings.Girls nights. Friends. Hikes. Tennis. Volleyball. SUMMER FUN! :) ---see all the pictures
3. Listened to my head instead of my heart. Was heartbroken. Moved on. Love will come eventually.
4. Math. Yuck. Yet, I am so lucky that I am ABLE to go to school. To be able to financially afford an education in the first place is rare.
5. Work at Payless. I am just lucky that I have a job. Many people would kill for this. I am so grateful for my coworkers and their patience with "the new girl". I actually really do enjoy my job despite the negative connotation I am frequently giving off.
6. Realized this: I am just grateful for the growth that has occurred in my life. I owe it mostly to the Lord. But I am thankful that I am sitting here at this laptop, in this apartment, living a good, HAPPY life. Quite honestly, I am shocked at the strength I have proven. Stubborn Sisi pulls through in the end :)

And no matter how hard things have seen, how dark life seems, I just keep reminding myself that it's not as bad as I sometimes think it is.
Life IS good, Ain't it?

Would you believe me if I told you MORE pictures were coming?

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mama Bear!

Happy Mother's Day to the best mommy in the world:
Stacy Leigh Kuykendall Ainge

Thank you for your tears, your laughter (slash your cackling), your advice, your sick bodily-function sense of humor, your hard work, your meals, your hugs.
And your love. (there's much much more, but I will spare the readers of this blog the dirty details of my "difficult" childhood)

I love you, Mama Bear.

My mom is better than your mom.