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Tuesday, April 27, 2010


*Muse Concert.
Totally BA.

[In the midst of moshing. How hardcore are we?!]

[Before we got all sweaty]
(Yes, I have friends...?)

[Remind me to never stand by Sophia in a picture. I look like a ghost.]

[Eric/Sierra Daily Interaction]

[BFF ♥]

[Family Photo Time]

[Typical Aaron/Sierra Faces]

[Maria IS normal.]

[LDC. Candid.]


*New Baby Niece, Teya Jean.


*Mom and Dad in town for Ronell's Graduation!

[Sorry mom, didn't mean to block ya. I'm just so tall :)]

*LDC Spring Show
One of the most incredible experiences in my life. Joining LDC was one of the best decisions I have ever made. It has saved my life.

[Show name: Homeward Bound.]

[Love the pioneer attire?]

[The BFF came to support :)]

[More supporters!]

Check (as of tomorrow)

Livin the Dream?
Minus the fact that I am now a year and a half behind in school. Eh ya win some ya lose some. I had my cry. Got out my anger. All good now)
This "Dream" includes singing while driving. See picture.

Single? ----(we didn't want this one to be as big as all the other orange fonts. Yikes)

Finals are done tomorrow, got 5 days to play, then LDC goes on choir tour. Then Spring Semester. Ooooooh Summer in Provo--HERE WE GO!

P.S. New Recent Song Obsession---> Wonderful: Gary Go

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