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Tuesday, April 27, 2010


*Muse Concert.
Totally BA.

[In the midst of moshing. How hardcore are we?!]

[Before we got all sweaty]
(Yes, I have friends...?)

[Remind me to never stand by Sophia in a picture. I look like a ghost.]

[Eric/Sierra Daily Interaction]

[BFF ♥]

[Family Photo Time]

[Typical Aaron/Sierra Faces]

[Maria IS normal.]

[LDC. Candid.]


*New Baby Niece, Teya Jean.


*Mom and Dad in town for Ronell's Graduation!

[Sorry mom, didn't mean to block ya. I'm just so tall :)]

*LDC Spring Show
One of the most incredible experiences in my life. Joining LDC was one of the best decisions I have ever made. It has saved my life.

[Show name: Homeward Bound.]

[Love the pioneer attire?]

[The BFF came to support :)]

[More supporters!]

Check (as of tomorrow)

Livin the Dream?
Minus the fact that I am now a year and a half behind in school. Eh ya win some ya lose some. I had my cry. Got out my anger. All good now)
This "Dream" includes singing while driving. See picture.

Single? ----(we didn't want this one to be as big as all the other orange fonts. Yikes)

Finals are done tomorrow, got 5 days to play, then LDC goes on choir tour. Then Spring Semester. Ooooooh Summer in Provo--HERE WE GO!

P.S. New Recent Song Obsession---> Wonderful: Gary Go

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Another One...?!

(Ignore the LOVELY outfit I am wearing. Choir attire. )
(Oh, and the double chin. That's probably hereditary.)

Yes, there are now FOUR Ainge grandchildren.
Don't freak out quite yet. Because my new niece is ADORABLE!

Welcome to this world Teya Jean Hugh!
Congratulations Bri and Ronell!! Teya was born on April 16, 2010 at 1:30 in the morning. I was up when I got the phone call from my mother that Bri was in labor. I was given the option to attend the actual birth here in Provo. Did I go? Negative. I had heard horror stories of Lexie, and I didn't want to take the chance.
HOWEVER, Teya was born in 50 minutes. Clearly, an easy birth. I kind of wish I had made an appearance at this one. She weighed 6 lbs. 13 oz and was 18 inches long (shorty). She's got TONS of dark, black hair and looks like a mini-Portia (her older sister)

Brand Spankin' New!

In deep sleep. Look at all that hair!

With her older sister, Portia. How precious is this?!

And THIS! (With Palmer, her older brother)

"Ugh! Put me back!"

I wish I had more time to spend with her, but I am in the midst of finals. My stress level is exponential at this moment, and I'm about to burst. I'll get to hold her as much as I want in a week!

Teya, welcome to the Ainge clan.
Good luck. :)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Singing in General Conference!

Last Saturday, April 4, my choir (LDC and 200 other auditioned members)
sang in the 180th ANNUAL GENERAL CONFERENCE for the
Words cannot explain how incredible this experience was!!
We sang in the Saturday Afternoon Session. Now, normally the Saturday Afternoon session is kinda lame (let's be honest, people), but this particular session of conference was absolutely incredible.
The feelings that were consumed when President Monson walked 10 feet from me was unfathomable. The spirit that was present in the conference center is unexplainable. And the emotions that almost sprang from my eyes while singing our songs is almost embarrassing...
We sang Come Listen to a Prophet's Voice, I Feel My Savior's Love, and Nearer my God to Thee.
One of the coolest moments of the afternoon was while singing Nearer, there was a part that went "So by my woes to thee.." where the choir gets exponentially louder. Right at that moment, every single member of the seventy and the twelve all turned around. It was amazing to know that we were singing and bringing the spirit to the prophet and the WORLD.
I have never had the opportunity to attend conference, so this was my very first time. How cool is that?!

I don't mean to be all sappy, but I don't think there has been another experience spiritually that has topped this in my life. All the sacrifice of time for practices and hard work were so worth it. Being a part of LDC and this particular general conference choir has changed my life.
And although I am a little bitter that they only showed the soprano section like twice, I have learned to accept the fact that I got to be seen just for a moment :)

I LOVE General Conference. No. Really. LOVE. In almost a dorky way. And I'm so grateful for this incredible opportunity.

What really had a huge emotional impact on me was knowing that my Brother, Landon (and all my other missionaries) were watching me from out in the mission field. That he, being miles and miles away, was able to see me on TV singing for the prophet. This exciting moment almost brought tears to my eyes instantly. I knew he was listening and watching. I knew he was proud of me. And I knew, at that moment and forever, that the church is what brought that special experience. The church IS true!! And I hope he got almost emotional as I did. Knowing him, I'm sure he did :)

You can't see me in these pictures, but you get the point. I'm in the top left in green. Second to last row. You know...the one who looks like she's in pain. It's not pain people, IT'S PASSION!
One negative of being of semi-tall: don't get shown on international television very much! Haha
(See Dad, the one time you wished I was shorter....)

These videos aren't mine, I'm just tagged in them so I've included a link on Facebook to listen and/or watch.
Come Listen to a Prophet's Voice (You can see me right in the beginning). Click HERE
Nearer My God to Thee (right at the end). Click THIS.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Festival of Colors!

Every year in March, the Hindu Temple in Spanish Fork (how random?) throws a chalk-throwing ritual called the FESTIVAL OF COLORS.
Let me explain.
The Hindu people have a story where an evil witch used to bring little babies into the fire with her and burn them. Because she was immune to fire...she didn't burn. Years later, the Hindu people are seeking revenge on her and inviting every.single.person. in Utah to join. Naturally.

The whole ordeal: Everyone has mashed up pieces of chalk (looks like colored meth...awesome) and throw it all up at once. The chalk is supposed to represent the ashes of the witch burning.
..That explanation doesn't really make the Color Festival sound much better? Eh screw it. It was weird. But honestly, top 5 favorite things I've done since I've been in college.

Creepiest part of it all: There are THOUSANDS of people there throwing chalk, therefore making a giant chalk cloud. I felt like I was going to die because I couldn't breathe (see first picture below)
I especially loved it when people threw chalk right at my face. That was enjoyable.

But hey, it was colorful?

Funniest part about the whole ordeal was this: This was a Hindu Celebration. 90% of the people there: MORMONS.

Be jealous of these pictures.

The Cloud.

With the Cal.



Best part of the whole thing: The amazing dance party after. HARE KRISHNA.
I clearly am feeling the hindu music.

The looooong walk back to the car.

Just all cute after the choke fest. I mean chalk fest.

This was after being there for TWO minutes. People just smear the chalk on you. I felt like such a hippie. It was like being in Oregon again.

The gang.

Maybe a 1/4 of the people there.
Damn Mormons. We bombard everything.
(Side note: Look how straight I am sitting. That posture deal my dad used to lecture me about totally is workin! And my naturally highlighted hair....beautiful. Do I sound conceited yet?)

I'm special.

Can't wait for next year :)