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Friday, March 26, 2010

Stay Classy, San Diego

Spring Break '10!
Went to San Diego to visit Mckenna.
1. I am obsessed with San Diego and going to live there when I grow up :)
2. I am also going to be a dolphin trainer. Oh yeee.
Most amazing vacation ever!!
LOTS of pictures (not in order).

Kisses from Baxter. The only action I've gotten in awhile.

Sisters ♥

Balboa Park!

The monkeys at the zoo. They were so humanlike, it was crazy! Mac and I sat there for about 40 minutes psychoanalyzing the dysfunctional family. This girl is just chillin. Crossin her legs. No biggie.

San Diego Zoo! Loved it!

Note: no makeup. And forewarning: no makeup on in ANY of these pictures.

fell asleep in my arms. Precious.

Me and my new best friend ♥ [edited]




Hotel Coronado. My future home is on this island! Just you wait!



Coronado Beach!!

My other best friend, the dolphins. If Mckenna ever sends me the video she took of the dolphins talking to you, you will see why I fell in love with these animals.

San Diego ♥

Shamu: The Killer Whale!

Starfish at Seaworld. I was a 5 year old again!

Sharks. Meh

Deep in thought.

Beluga Whale!

Convertible ride!!


Captain Neo. Love ya MJ :)

I found my choir peeps :)


My sister's pretty!

A for Ainge. In super hot outfit.

Tower of Terror

View from top of tower of terror. BOOM.

Pretend scared, of course.



I found the three year old version of me again. Same hair, same cheeks...she looked SO MUCH like me as a kid, it was creepy.

Disneyland is now a creepy castle?

[Small world]

San Diego ♥
La Jolla Beach

Hotel Coronado!

Told you there were lots of pictures! Thanks Mac for an amazing trip.
Reality bites. blah.

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