Sierra's View: March 2010

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Friday, March 26, 2010

Stay Classy, San Diego

Spring Break '10!
Went to San Diego to visit Mckenna.
1. I am obsessed with San Diego and going to live there when I grow up :)
2. I am also going to be a dolphin trainer. Oh yeee.
Most amazing vacation ever!!
LOTS of pictures (not in order).

Kisses from Baxter. The only action I've gotten in awhile.

Sisters ♥

Balboa Park!

The monkeys at the zoo. They were so humanlike, it was crazy! Mac and I sat there for about 40 minutes psychoanalyzing the dysfunctional family. This girl is just chillin. Crossin her legs. No biggie.

San Diego Zoo! Loved it!

Note: no makeup. And forewarning: no makeup on in ANY of these pictures.

fell asleep in my arms. Precious.

Me and my new best friend ♥ [edited]




Hotel Coronado. My future home is on this island! Just you wait!



Coronado Beach!!

My other best friend, the dolphins. If Mckenna ever sends me the video she took of the dolphins talking to you, you will see why I fell in love with these animals.

San Diego ♥

Shamu: The Killer Whale!

Starfish at Seaworld. I was a 5 year old again!

Sharks. Meh

Deep in thought.

Beluga Whale!

Convertible ride!!


Captain Neo. Love ya MJ :)

I found my choir peeps :)


My sister's pretty!

A for Ainge. In super hot outfit.

Tower of Terror

View from top of tower of terror. BOOM.

Pretend scared, of course.



I found the three year old version of me again. Same hair, same cheeks...she looked SO MUCH like me as a kid, it was creepy.

Disneyland is now a creepy castle?

[Small world]

San Diego ♥
La Jolla Beach

Hotel Coronado!

Told you there were lots of pictures! Thanks Mac for an amazing trip.
Reality bites. blah.

Monday, March 15, 2010

I Have Values!

Shocking, I know.
But today in my Honors Colloquium class (it's a love/hate relationship) we had a guest speaker come in and talk about how our core values influence our personality and future career.
I ate the lesson UP.
There were 48 cards with Values written on them. We had to place them in order of importance. Being the indecisive INFP that I am--it was near impossible for me to finalize my thoughts. It was so difficult for me, in fact, that the people sitting around me were laughing because it took me about 30 minutes to decide my top values.
But I present to you today the aspects I value the most in my life.

(Silence. Switching to deep moment now)

Sierra no middle name Ainge values:

Communication. family. intimacy. play. spiritual growth. happiness. humor. neatness. perseverance. stability. knowledge. self acceptance. personal growth. adventure. honesty. forgiveness. integrity. peace. health. respect. self control. friendship. belonging. helping. creativity. security. courage. tolerance. competition. recognition. competence. achievement. pleasure. tradition. challenge. inner harmony. fairness. environment. appearance. prosperity. passion. compassion. optimism. generosity. sensitivity. emotions. patience. loyalty.

What are YOUR top values?

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Time Flies.

I cannot believe that it is already March. I am in the midst of midterms right now and it is killing me. School is not my thing right now. Sigh.

But for the mere purpose of avoiding studying, I give to you February--picture style. (I already gave you the choir stuff at the beginning of February so I won't repost those.) Note: completely out of order.

Rachel's amazing camera skills. Super Close. Let's look at everything on my face, shall we?

Skiing with Chelsea and Claire.
&the infamous orange hat.
Driving and excited to get Magleby's french toast! Yes, I eat FRENCH TOAST NOW.
I gave in. And fell in love.

Valentine's Day Dance.

Super Mormon Status.

Ward friend, Ryker!

On the ski lift. Singing Tik Tok.

And embarrassing the 15 year old boy sitting next to us.

Oh, just totally professional at skiing now.

I only fell like twice! Except I kinda broke my poles while coming off the lift. HA.
And almost peed my pants while at it.

You may be asking: "WHAT?" Let me explain. My good friend Ryan was singing at the Institute Talent show and the theme was Decades of Talent, so he sang "Last Dance-Donna Summers." And me and some friends were back up dancers. We found those red jumpsuits ten minutes before the show in the LDC choir room. Yes, old choir members used to wear those. Horrible, right? They totally looked 70s. We had to put them on.
And this is the result of our well planned dance. Ripple fail (hence the laughing on my part)
Can Can Line!

Train. Haha

cheesy 70s moves.

ending pose.

Oh just gettin the crowd going. Oh yeeee

THEN. My choir director came out and did an Elvis impersonation. In the middle of the song, my choir, as audience members, randomly bursted in and started singing. Totally shocked people all around this night.
Pure Talent. Pure Institute Status.
(Look at that passion!)

Messing around with Picnik. I'm not narcissistic, I swear.

-Went to a dance party where you wear Green if you're single and RED if you're taken. Mature, huh? YET SO MUCH FUN. Then we headed over to UVU's All Night Mardi Gras party. We're party animals, I know.
Pre modeling beforehand, naturally.

With Rachel's skirt.

"Okay, let's do hair flip pictures!"
With Rachel and Meredith. My dancing girls ♥

Elbows. With some cute girls.

Part of my LDC Fam slash party lovers.

Yes, I'm aware that 92% of these events are horribly dorky.
Or at least I do....