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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Word of the day:


*This word just makes you want to fight for something, doesn't it? It's got such an intense feel about it. I used it in a sentence today (naturally) and in mid sentence I realized how amazing the word truly is! We all need to love a little more tenaciously, fight for something we believe in a little stronger, and be a little more passionate and feisty about life.
Yes, I AM aware that I have an obsession with words. Judge me.

Life Story Song of the moment:

Starts with Goodbye-Carrie Underwood.

*Just go listen to it. It fits my love life right about now. Sigh.

Quote of the Day:

Maybe the best thing to do is stop figuring out where you're going and just enjoy where you're at.

*I tend to constantly look for "something more" in my life. While in choir yesterday, we sang a song about one day going back to our Heavenly Father and those who have passed on before us. Although there are days when I just feel like Heaven would be an easier choice, and I got a bit teary-eyed (okay, I cried. You caught me) while thinking about all the family members up in Heaven watching me, I have realized that I have so many things to do in this world RIGHT NOW. I have goals to accomplish and people's lives to change. I need to stop looking for something more exciting or something to change and just enjoy where I'm at. I only have a few more years of college left and I need to truly savor this experience. I need to be better at recognizing all that I have been given at this particular moment--because it is so so much.

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