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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

(g) Olden Days!

Aw, being a little kid! Remember how amazing that was?! Life seemed to be so much easier. Or maybe it's just because my life is on constant go go go, that I wish i could stop and daydream all day, like I used to.
Being around my niece and nephew recently has had me, for the majority of the time, laughing hysterically. It reminded of me of how wonderful those childhood days were. The (G)olden days! (Witty, eh?!) My friend did a post covering the "kid" years the other day. I thought this idea was brilliant! And considering I am a HUGE follower ;), I'd thought I'd copy that fantastic blog! So let's take a trip down memory lane and remind us all of how much cuter I was as "Little Sisi!"

Age 2. I actually hated the camera, says mi padre. You never would know. Just look at that natural photogenic look ;)

Just with the big brudda! Sweet suspenders, bro.
Age 3?

Classic Ainge Fam pic.
Note: NO smiling. I have been told that this is the only picture that I'm not screaming in.
Love ya fam?

Swimming with my HOT mom. Woot! And nice face L Dawg.

Another matching day in the household...(naturally)

Just modeling. No big deal.

I want those ringlets back.
That smile, however...not so much.
Dork. Age 4. With one of my sister's friends.

With Sarah Locarnini, preschool graduation. A defining moment for me.
Momma Ainge made that dress for me!

long, blonde curls&big cheeks ♥


Just singing to myself. Nothing's changed.
Check out those cheeks. Age 3.


With pretty #1. Just taking a little siesta outside on the grass in California. A regular day. I am just waking up in this picture. And I think I'm 5?
Love it!

dress+huge bow+no teeth smile= Yikes

Usually I'd ride this car naked. Too much information? Age 4.

With my favorite kitty, Topaz. No kitty is not the right word, HUGE FATTY seems more appropriate. I still miss this darn cat. Simba just doesn't love me the same. I used to sneak her into the house at night so that she'd come and sleep with me. Please don't ask how I could sleep with her fat you-know-what on me. Or how she thought this was comfortable in any way. Eh, she was a character...that's for sure.

I look exactly the same. Sigh.
1st grade.

With my one and only brother, Landon. He was (still is!) my best friend. There were a few years in high school where I didn't like him much. But as he is away on his mission, I have realized how much he means to me. I never thought I'd miss him so much! We spent every waking moment together while growing up. He'd protect me from spiders! This makes me recall the classic home video, "Sisi, don't touch the spido! Don't touch it!" Aw man, dontcha love those protective brothers?! I can't wait for him to come home in 4 months and party it up with me in Provo!


Not sure what year this was. Maybe second grade? Check out that sweet nightgown. Awesome.
From Left: Janee Stevenson, Anna Berne, Jillian Fagan, Maryjane Atchison, Chelsea Smith, Alyson Brewis, Lindsay Cowan.
Bottom: Bosten Ingram and Me!

With Anna and Janee. Oh man, the many fond memories we had growing up in Westlake! That house and these girls have a special place in my heart.
Again, the SWEET outfit. If I do say so myself.

I have no idea who that girl is. But I do know that I still look like that when I laugh.

Well that was my little journey down memory lane. I am just shocked that I found that many pictures of me with clothes on. Amazing!
Have a Happy Tuesday! :)

over and out.

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  1. To fill in the blanks for you...the pic with Mom in the swimsuit is our backyard (not Hawaii). The Halloween pic is with Audrey Bergeson. You were cute, except when you kicked me in the head in my sleep.


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