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Monday, February 8, 2010

Choir Nerd.

Yes, just ask anyone who is around me often: I sing EVERYWHERE.
I am indeed, a choir nerd. And I've come to terms with it.

I am currently in the Orem Institute Choir called Latter Day Celebration (LDC). I love it! I had an impression to try out for this choir back in September and it was the best decision I have ever made. It not only has improved my singing ability, but it has enhanced my confidence in my voice. More importantly it has given me an immense amount of spiritual guidance. I have a strong testimony in the power of music. Some of the songs we have sung have changed my life for better, as cheesy as that sounds. There have been moments in our practices and shows, where I begin to cry in the middle of a song. Even though it may be hormones, or just me being emotional Sisi, the amazing combination of the quality of my choir and the spirit moves me. There are so many wonderful and talented people. Every time we start singing, I am stunned by the sheer talent that every individual possesses. And with all pride aside, we ARE pretty dang good ;)

We have had so many amazing opportunities. We have sang for Neil L. Andersen back in January at the CES Fireside, L. Tom Perry at a devotional a couple of weeks ago, multiple members of the Seventy, and thousands of people around Utah from our shows and just mini concerts. We are going on tour in May as well. And most amazing of all: we get to sing in General Conference in April (Saturday afternoon session--watch it!)
This thing, this power we possess, makes me want to share our music with everyone. I strongly encourage you to come listen to my favorite choir in the whole world. We have a special spirit about us, if I do say so myself :)

BUT. The reason why I started this whole blog was to show you some of the most incredible people I have met. I already consider them some of my very good friends and I would never trade their friendship for the world. This past Friday, I spent the whole day with my LDC choir. From concerts at 5 am in the morning, to dancing til 1 was quite a day. Join me on this journey of last week. I think you'll enjoy it :)

Beware: LOTS of pictures. But hey, let's be honest, that's all people look at anyway :)

We woke up at 5 am to go sing for Payson High School Seminary Students. This picture was taken right after our performance with Lauren and Meredith. Lovely.

Excited to be awake at 5 am. Clearly.

After we sang at the noon Devotional, I went home and got some sleep so that I was ready to rock and roll for my crazy Friday night. On the way to the lovely get together at Chelsea's house. With David and half of (?) Mike!

With Meredith. I luff this girl.

Mid laugh.
I laugh a lot.

Just another Family Picture with Adam. For the kids.


My favorite Samoan, Ryan. How precious is this picture?

With some fantastic girls: Ashley, Meredith, me (duh) and Chelsea.

Prom Pic '10.
This was at Chelsea Brinkerhoff's beautiful house. It reminded me of my home in Oregon. The landscape and feel of it was absolutely fabulous! Thank you for letting us crash your place, Chels!

Yikes. Just drivin back to get ready for a night filled with dancing and jammin to some sweet sounds. As the picture clearly shows.

Note: I AM wearing clothes, I swear.
I am aware that I look skanky.
Shut up.
With Murdith.

Just getting ready for the Blacklight party.


One word: Valu boo!

....Then the boys showed up. Ready to go dancing. Obviously.

Just Believe.

See...Choir Nerds. My point exactly.

Ope, out of order. Just in the car!

I love this picture. Just giggling (in mid clap too) Classic.

Well...I love my LDC people. Best. Night. Ever. Who knew that Choir nerds could be so much fun? My new best friends! I love it! (haha you know I'm kidding when I call y'all choir nerds, right?) There are lots of my favorite people in LDC that are NOT in these pictures, and I want you to know that I do still love you lots.
Thank you my fellow choir-ians (say that 5x fast) for being such an example to me. Maybe I'll get the courage to sing a solo one of these days! Opa!
Here's to more good times to come!

again...see how white I am?! Sigh.

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