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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Good, Clean Olympics

Okay, so I'm obsessed with the Olympics. I'm all about U.S. pride. and watching these amazing athletes. (And of course, I can't help but think of Jerry Seinfeld while watching it).
But can we talk about three things for a sec.

1. Curling? Not a sport. Activity, yes. But it takes absolutely ZERO athletic ability to be involved in this. So they should probably stop playing it 5 days in a row. The excitement is killing me, after all.
2. So. When I was 15, I had a crush on this guy named Tommy Ford. We totally liked each other for three months. AND WE CUDDLED. No big deal. Needless to say, I'm sitting there watching the Giant Slalom Ski Race....and I see him. WHAT IN THE WORLD?! Yes, an Olympic athlete has once liked me. With pride all aside, it was really cool to see him. I felt special. I'm proud of his hardwork.
3. Ice Dancing.
......WHAT? Yikes.

Now I copy a post from one of my favorite sites:Go Fug Yourself. Sounds bad, I know. But it blogs about outfits of famous people. Please read. And please tell me you saw this.


Ice Dancing, naturally. These two are brother and sister. NEED I SAY MORE? I know Sinead and John Kerr's original dance routine was based on some weird concept of, like, tacky American truckers or something -- seriously, that's really what it was about, more or less -- but need they bring the creepy inbreeding stereotype that occasionally attaches itself to those of us of Southern heritage into it? WE'RE NOT ALL MARRYING OUR COUSINS. THAT WAS JUST AN EPISODE OF THE X-FILES. (This message brought to you by my relatives in the south.) And, yes, that IS a tramp stamp you're seeing. I admit, I don't know if it's real, or part of the costume, and nor do I know which would alarm me more.

Love the Olympics now?

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Word of the day:


*This word just makes you want to fight for something, doesn't it? It's got such an intense feel about it. I used it in a sentence today (naturally) and in mid sentence I realized how amazing the word truly is! We all need to love a little more tenaciously, fight for something we believe in a little stronger, and be a little more passionate and feisty about life.
Yes, I AM aware that I have an obsession with words. Judge me.

Life Story Song of the moment:

Starts with Goodbye-Carrie Underwood.

*Just go listen to it. It fits my love life right about now. Sigh.

Quote of the Day:

Maybe the best thing to do is stop figuring out where you're going and just enjoy where you're at.

*I tend to constantly look for "something more" in my life. While in choir yesterday, we sang a song about one day going back to our Heavenly Father and those who have passed on before us. Although there are days when I just feel like Heaven would be an easier choice, and I got a bit teary-eyed (okay, I cried. You caught me) while thinking about all the family members up in Heaven watching me, I have realized that I have so many things to do in this world RIGHT NOW. I have goals to accomplish and people's lives to change. I need to stop looking for something more exciting or something to change and just enjoy where I'm at. I only have a few more years of college left and I need to truly savor this experience. I need to be better at recognizing all that I have been given at this particular moment--because it is so so much.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

(g) Olden Days!

Aw, being a little kid! Remember how amazing that was?! Life seemed to be so much easier. Or maybe it's just because my life is on constant go go go, that I wish i could stop and daydream all day, like I used to.
Being around my niece and nephew recently has had me, for the majority of the time, laughing hysterically. It reminded of me of how wonderful those childhood days were. The (G)olden days! (Witty, eh?!) My friend did a post covering the "kid" years the other day. I thought this idea was brilliant! And considering I am a HUGE follower ;), I'd thought I'd copy that fantastic blog! So let's take a trip down memory lane and remind us all of how much cuter I was as "Little Sisi!"

Age 2. I actually hated the camera, says mi padre. You never would know. Just look at that natural photogenic look ;)

Just with the big brudda! Sweet suspenders, bro.
Age 3?

Classic Ainge Fam pic.
Note: NO smiling. I have been told that this is the only picture that I'm not screaming in.
Love ya fam?

Swimming with my HOT mom. Woot! And nice face L Dawg.

Another matching day in the household...(naturally)

Just modeling. No big deal.

I want those ringlets back.
That smile, however...not so much.
Dork. Age 4. With one of my sister's friends.

With Sarah Locarnini, preschool graduation. A defining moment for me.
Momma Ainge made that dress for me!

long, blonde curls&big cheeks ♥


Just singing to myself. Nothing's changed.
Check out those cheeks. Age 3.


With pretty #1. Just taking a little siesta outside on the grass in California. A regular day. I am just waking up in this picture. And I think I'm 5?
Love it!

dress+huge bow+no teeth smile= Yikes

Usually I'd ride this car naked. Too much information? Age 4.

With my favorite kitty, Topaz. No kitty is not the right word, HUGE FATTY seems more appropriate. I still miss this darn cat. Simba just doesn't love me the same. I used to sneak her into the house at night so that she'd come and sleep with me. Please don't ask how I could sleep with her fat you-know-what on me. Or how she thought this was comfortable in any way. Eh, she was a character...that's for sure.

I look exactly the same. Sigh.
1st grade.

With my one and only brother, Landon. He was (still is!) my best friend. There were a few years in high school where I didn't like him much. But as he is away on his mission, I have realized how much he means to me. I never thought I'd miss him so much! We spent every waking moment together while growing up. He'd protect me from spiders! This makes me recall the classic home video, "Sisi, don't touch the spido! Don't touch it!" Aw man, dontcha love those protective brothers?! I can't wait for him to come home in 4 months and party it up with me in Provo!


Not sure what year this was. Maybe second grade? Check out that sweet nightgown. Awesome.
From Left: Janee Stevenson, Anna Berne, Jillian Fagan, Maryjane Atchison, Chelsea Smith, Alyson Brewis, Lindsay Cowan.
Bottom: Bosten Ingram and Me!

With Anna and Janee. Oh man, the many fond memories we had growing up in Westlake! That house and these girls have a special place in my heart.
Again, the SWEET outfit. If I do say so myself.

I have no idea who that girl is. But I do know that I still look like that when I laugh.

Well that was my little journey down memory lane. I am just shocked that I found that many pictures of me with clothes on. Amazing!
Have a Happy Tuesday! :)

over and out.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Choir Nerd.

Yes, just ask anyone who is around me often: I sing EVERYWHERE.
I am indeed, a choir nerd. And I've come to terms with it.

I am currently in the Orem Institute Choir called Latter Day Celebration (LDC). I love it! I had an impression to try out for this choir back in September and it was the best decision I have ever made. It not only has improved my singing ability, but it has enhanced my confidence in my voice. More importantly it has given me an immense amount of spiritual guidance. I have a strong testimony in the power of music. Some of the songs we have sung have changed my life for better, as cheesy as that sounds. There have been moments in our practices and shows, where I begin to cry in the middle of a song. Even though it may be hormones, or just me being emotional Sisi, the amazing combination of the quality of my choir and the spirit moves me. There are so many wonderful and talented people. Every time we start singing, I am stunned by the sheer talent that every individual possesses. And with all pride aside, we ARE pretty dang good ;)

We have had so many amazing opportunities. We have sang for Neil L. Andersen back in January at the CES Fireside, L. Tom Perry at a devotional a couple of weeks ago, multiple members of the Seventy, and thousands of people around Utah from our shows and just mini concerts. We are going on tour in May as well. And most amazing of all: we get to sing in General Conference in April (Saturday afternoon session--watch it!)
This thing, this power we possess, makes me want to share our music with everyone. I strongly encourage you to come listen to my favorite choir in the whole world. We have a special spirit about us, if I do say so myself :)

BUT. The reason why I started this whole blog was to show you some of the most incredible people I have met. I already consider them some of my very good friends and I would never trade their friendship for the world. This past Friday, I spent the whole day with my LDC choir. From concerts at 5 am in the morning, to dancing til 1 was quite a day. Join me on this journey of last week. I think you'll enjoy it :)

Beware: LOTS of pictures. But hey, let's be honest, that's all people look at anyway :)

We woke up at 5 am to go sing for Payson High School Seminary Students. This picture was taken right after our performance with Lauren and Meredith. Lovely.

Excited to be awake at 5 am. Clearly.

After we sang at the noon Devotional, I went home and got some sleep so that I was ready to rock and roll for my crazy Friday night. On the way to the lovely get together at Chelsea's house. With David and half of (?) Mike!

With Meredith. I luff this girl.

Mid laugh.
I laugh a lot.

Just another Family Picture with Adam. For the kids.


My favorite Samoan, Ryan. How precious is this picture?

With some fantastic girls: Ashley, Meredith, me (duh) and Chelsea.

Prom Pic '10.
This was at Chelsea Brinkerhoff's beautiful house. It reminded me of my home in Oregon. The landscape and feel of it was absolutely fabulous! Thank you for letting us crash your place, Chels!

Yikes. Just drivin back to get ready for a night filled with dancing and jammin to some sweet sounds. As the picture clearly shows.

Note: I AM wearing clothes, I swear.
I am aware that I look skanky.
Shut up.
With Murdith.

Just getting ready for the Blacklight party.


One word: Valu boo!

....Then the boys showed up. Ready to go dancing. Obviously.

Just Believe.

See...Choir Nerds. My point exactly.

Ope, out of order. Just in the car!

I love this picture. Just giggling (in mid clap too) Classic.

Well...I love my LDC people. Best. Night. Ever. Who knew that Choir nerds could be so much fun? My new best friends! I love it! (haha you know I'm kidding when I call y'all choir nerds, right?) There are lots of my favorite people in LDC that are NOT in these pictures, and I want you to know that I do still love you lots.
Thank you my fellow choir-ians (say that 5x fast) for being such an example to me. Maybe I'll get the courage to sing a solo one of these days! Opa!
Here's to more good times to come!

again...see how white I am?! Sigh.