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Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Sign?

My roommate and I accidentally slept through our alarms today and missed our ward. So, being the righteous followers that we are, we decided to go to a random sacrament in a random chapel this afternoon.
After driving around and checking chapels for 30-45 minutes, we finally found a ward! Thinking we had accomplished a successful finding we nonchalantly walked into the sacrament meeting. Looking around, we began to notice only couples.
As we hid in the back of the room, we continued to find more couples. Finally, we realized, we were in a YOUNG MARRIED WARD.
Glancing at eachother and automatically laughing in unison, we both sighed and said, "WE WOULD END UP IN A MARRIED WARD."

Oh dear. Just our luck.

I really hope that wasn't a sign. haha.

Needless to say, we got some weird looks. Why? Mostly because everyone probably thought we were lesbian.
Hey, I AM from Oregon ;)

Love ya, Utah!

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  1. Hey, you are an attractive little thing :) The whole situation was too ironic.


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