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Sunday, January 31, 2010


I just realized that I never really actually blog about WHAT is going on in my life. I just rant about stupid, yet quite fascinating and hilarious things. am going to update you on my Winter Semester 2010 thus far!

I just had a great month! I am reminiscing already!
Life has been a roller coaster this past month. I have had some emotional issues continue to reoccur and I have gotten pretty down recently. But with some persistence and the Lord's help, I have managed to get myself out of the funk. And I have had so many new and fun experiences this month!

So here goes January in a nutshell:

**Palmer/ Portia

I have been babysitting my niece and nephew every Saturday morning this month and it has been SO FUN. We have realized some things about Palmer and I have learned how amazing of a little boy he truly is, despite his issues. I love him so much. And I only wish the best for this little boy. (I love you too Bri, :))

**Just Life! Parties, Friends, etc!

At the BYU v. Utah Basketball game! It was such an intense game. A fight broke out, the Utes' coach was everywhere. Aw man, gotta love basketball.

At a dessert party with my long time friend, Lexi!

Black and White Dress up Dance Party with my old roommate, Kaitlin!

New Friends! (Slash my biggest fans?!)

FHE Dad, Dallin :)

Laughing. Of course.

With a couple of my favorite girls, Meredith and JoyLynn at LDC Choir practice! I wish I had more pictures of LDC--I love my choir! We have had amazing opportunities from singing at the CES Fireside with Neil L. Andersen (and being on tv) and singing for L. Tom Perry at his Devotional at UVU Institute a couple of weeks ago. I got to meet him! Just so many amazing friends and experiences. We are singing in General Conference in April.
P.S. Love my classic Larry Bird jersey, eh? :)

Great news: My lifelong neighbor/bff, Chelsea, moved into my apartment! I love having her here with me and being the best roomie!


At Candace's Birthday. This girl is like family ♥

My friend Dayne took Chelsea and I to the snow caves up in Sundance canyon. It was so fun!

Just chillin in the snow caves. No big deal

**Park City!
Went up to Park City for the Olympic Trials and a concert by the band 30 Seconds to Mars with my friends Chelsea and Steve and his friends. So we got all bundled up and headed up to the crazy busy PC!

Story: There were some intoxicated males standing in front of us during the concert. And since the concert was horrible and the lead singer said the F word about 5 times in a sentence, we figured we'd just start talking to these boys. BEST DECISION EVER. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. This picture is a definition of the night.

With Chelsea at the Olympic Trials! I look like a snow bunny. Haha.

Oooooh our favorite boys. ALWAYS to be remembered. Haha

**Jazz Game/The Pie
So I didn't get any pictures of me at the Jazz game...but I swear I went! Haha. It was a way good game vs. the Suns. unfortunately, I was indifferent about the game. But it's always fun to go. Now, if I can get some Celtics/Jazz tickets (maybe then I'll actually get a picture!) After we went to the Pie and took some random picture by a mural on the street....?
The random mural

At the Pie! Fattiest, yet most amazing pizza place ever!

**The Opera: Carmen
Because I'm SUPER smart, the Honors program gives us free tickets to go to so many events! I got to go see an Opera called Carmen. You'd know some of the songs if you heard it. It was so fun because I'd never been to an Opera before. Except I hadn't eaten all day...and some of you know how I get when I don't eat. Sitting through a 3 hour opera without eating--I don't recommend it.

Waiting for Carmen to start.
Note: sign language for "eat" because I was STARVING

Just plain ol pissed now due to hunger pains.

These pictures are out of order. I took this one first because I was SUPER excited. Can ya tell?
.....then I got hungry (see above pictures) All in all...still a great experience!

**Sundance Film Festival
I got the awesome opportunity to get free tickets to a couple of movies at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. It was way cool because I had never been!

Joseph Gordon Levitt (For those who don't know him, shame on you. BUT...he was in 500 Days of Summer!) It was so fun to see so many famous people! P.S. can I marry him?

With some new friends in the Honors Program! (Yes, I am in the honors program. And yes, I have friends!) Waiting in line at the Sundance Film Festival!
We weren't expecting the flash. Classic.
With Mckie and Holli waiting to see "Hesher"
Story behind this picture: I got stuck up in Park City because my ride decided to stay for another movie. So what was supposed to be a 3 hour event turned into a 10 hour event. Yes, I waited around til 10:30 at night for a ride home from Park City. I love you Sundance Film Festival, but I was NOT a happy camper. Always an adventure...haha

I have been to movies, gone dancing multiple times, MORE Basketball games, working out, and SCHOOL (ugh). Things left to do: ATTEMPT ice skating (yes, even though I HATE it), sledding, skiing, and possibly snowshoeing! I am so grateful to have all of these opportunities. I have so much to be thankful for. Life is good. Just livin the Provo Dream :)

(But really, who's ready for summer?! Do you SEE how white I am...)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Sign?

My roommate and I accidentally slept through our alarms today and missed our ward. So, being the righteous followers that we are, we decided to go to a random sacrament in a random chapel this afternoon.
After driving around and checking chapels for 30-45 minutes, we finally found a ward! Thinking we had accomplished a successful finding we nonchalantly walked into the sacrament meeting. Looking around, we began to notice only couples.
As we hid in the back of the room, we continued to find more couples. Finally, we realized, we were in a YOUNG MARRIED WARD.
Glancing at eachother and automatically laughing in unison, we both sighed and said, "WE WOULD END UP IN A MARRIED WARD."

Oh dear. Just our luck.

I really hope that wasn't a sign. haha.

Needless to say, we got some weird looks. Why? Mostly because everyone probably thought we were lesbian.
Hey, I AM from Oregon ;)

Love ya, Utah!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I know that I am not some high class fashionista. But can we PLEASE talk about Jennifer Lopez's outfit that she performed in during New Years? Can we restate the fact that this "outfit" is particularly HIDEOUS and horribly unflattering.

I was having a fun, moral, and tasteful evening with my fellow Mormons on the blessed New Years Eve night. When all of a sudden, the television was flashing some horrific image of J.Lo's "Ghetto booty" in that awful onesie (?)
I almost threw up.
I don't get it. Did she think she looked fabulous in that? What message was she trying to send? "I am a very curvy woman and I want all of you to see every last curve I possess!?"
Ugh, I just don't understand!

So let us say cheers that despite my upbringing in the least fashionable place on this planet, Portland, Oregon, that I have some decent taste in normal New Years Eve attire. I mean, come on, if you're going to wear something inappropriate, at least have it be SMOKIN HOT.
Am I right? Or am I right?

Happy New Years?