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Monday, November 16, 2009


Since it's the month of Thanksgiving I am going to talk about all the things I am grateful for in my life.
First things first.
I am grateful for SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE.
Last week I went to the concert/performance with Anna and Chelsea and it was AMAZING. Tears were almost shed, laughter just filled our little bosoms. It truly was one of the coolest experiences to see these dancers live. Here are some pictures from the memorable experience :)

(I cant get rid of this underlining. WHAT IS GOING ON. Sorry. Just try to ignore it. )

Kayla and Kupono. The Addiction Dance. Favorite Dance of the season. I seriously almost cried. It is even better live.

Jeanette and Brandon and Wade Robson's Cartoon Dance. LOVE IT.

Phillip and Jeanine and their hip hop dance!

Brandon and Jeanette--Disco Dance!

Top Ten! Plus Phillip and that other chick...why can't I remember her name?

With Anna and Chelsea :)

p.s. Does anyone know how to add pictures in a particular order so that they don't show up first...but that they come up after your writing? Does that make sense? Ugh. Sometimes this blogging sucks.
But I am still grateful for being able to go to concerts and performances and seeing So You Think You Can Dance. So cool :)

Also...had Jeanine and Jason's necklace dance on here but it kept getting deleted at the top when I tried to write something (hence the photo question). But that kiss at the end--especially live. YUM.

Good times.

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