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Sunday, November 1, 2009

All Halloween-ed Out.

So don't get me wrong, I adore Halloween. I used to dress up all of the time as a little girl so the fact that I get to eat candy and dress up however I want is quite fun for me. Then again, sometimes I am still five years old. But after this week, I am so Halloween-ed out!!!
WHICH is funny. Because I was a five year old for Halloween! Slash more like Shirley Temple. But I also got: Alice in Wonderland, Goldilocks, Dorothy, Minnie Mouse...I'm not quite sure how, but I did! I honestly could not tell you what my costume is. But we'll go with a five year old/Shirley Temple. It was just so dang cute :)
In college, Halloween lasts three days. Not just one. Two parties Thursday, two parties Friday and one Saturday. So by ACTUAL Halloween, I was exhausted. Needless to say, there were some crazy fun dance parties!

With my roommate, Ally. She did my hair :)

With my neighbors, Heather and Erin. Why are we standing so far apart? Haha. We really do like eachother, I swear!

Me. Yay!

I went trick or treating with Palmer and Portia (my niece and nephew...see first picture) before I went out on Saturday. That was probably the most fun event of Saturday night! Haha. They were both clowns. Although, I am scared of clowns--they just looked adorable. They couldn't quite down "trick or treat" at first so we had to practice it a couple of times with them. After a few houses, they got the idea. Palmer would ring the doorbell ten times and when they opened the door, he would attempt to walk in. Or he would just stick his bag out or ask to choose his favorite candy.
We went up to Camille Anderson's on Osmond Lane. IT WAS PACKED. The kids just kept coming!! So Palmer and Portia decided they wanted to help out a bit. The kids had more fun GIVING out candy to other kids than trick or treating themselves. Palmer and Portia would just comment on all of the other kids costumes and smile. It was thoroughly entertaining.

It's been a long, good Halloween! And I'm now ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas--my favorite holidays :) Above are a couple of pictures from Halloween.

It's a beautiful fall day here in Provo, so I'm going to go read out in the grass. LOVE nice fall weather! Hope your Halloween was fantastic! What were you costumes (I need ideas for next year...yes...already planning) :)

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