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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Reasons Why I Want a Dog...


1. They won't break your heart.
2. They'll cuddle whenever you want.
3. They don't care what you look like. You can wear sweats and be crying all night and they will still give you kisses.
4. They will watch whatever chick flick.
5. They will go walking/running with you. And go at YOUR pace.
6. They want lead you on. They'll love you at the beginning of the day. And will still love you the same at the end of the day.
7. They don't bring drama.
8. They are loyal.
9. You don't have to cook for them. Sure, you have to clean up their poop and give them water/dog food... but better that than a man's crap.
10. You can tell them anything, and they'll listen.
11. You can put them on a leash when they are being annoying.
12. They are cute. Even though they smell.
13. Their a human's best friend.
14. They LOVE driving in the car with you. And will listen to country music. Or chick music. It doesn't matter to them.
15. They pee when they see you. Well, not always. But they are excited to see your face every.single.time.


Christmas present? :)

Monday, November 16, 2009


Since it's the month of Thanksgiving I am going to talk about all the things I am grateful for in my life.
First things first.
I am grateful for SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE.
Last week I went to the concert/performance with Anna and Chelsea and it was AMAZING. Tears were almost shed, laughter just filled our little bosoms. It truly was one of the coolest experiences to see these dancers live. Here are some pictures from the memorable experience :)

(I cant get rid of this underlining. WHAT IS GOING ON. Sorry. Just try to ignore it. )

Kayla and Kupono. The Addiction Dance. Favorite Dance of the season. I seriously almost cried. It is even better live.

Jeanette and Brandon and Wade Robson's Cartoon Dance. LOVE IT.

Phillip and Jeanine and their hip hop dance!

Brandon and Jeanette--Disco Dance!

Top Ten! Plus Phillip and that other chick...why can't I remember her name?

With Anna and Chelsea :)

p.s. Does anyone know how to add pictures in a particular order so that they don't show up first...but that they come up after your writing? Does that make sense? Ugh. Sometimes this blogging sucks.
But I am still grateful for being able to go to concerts and performances and seeing So You Think You Can Dance. So cool :)

Also...had Jeanine and Jason's necklace dance on here but it kept getting deleted at the top when I tried to write something (hence the photo question). But that kiss at the end--especially live. YUM.

Good times.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Venting Sesh.

This isn't for you. This is for me.
It's been a really hard week. And I need the strength of words right now.

When I say "you" I mean... "us", or maybe more But I have learned, through intuition, that there's at least one person out there who this may help.

I guess this wasn't supposed to be easy. Maybe this is all we will ever have, or maybe there is so much more. The unseen cannot be predicted. One less thing to worry about, right? Yet it seems to control our lives. We wonder what tomorrow will bring and if our problems will soon be solved. I believe the hardest lesson we learn in life is that IT GOES ON. Life is what you make it, and holding onto imperfections holds you back from the discovering things about yourself that you can't even imagine. And whether you're ready for the world or not, it's coming at you. And much sooner than you expected. No matter how unprepared we are, we can't stop ourselves from the future. Maybe that's the problem. We want everything. Right now. I wish I could tell you the secret to life, but I guess I don't really know for myself. I know that family and the gospel and friends are sufficient means to that happiness--but then why does it seem as though something is always missing? I think maybe that happiness appears in the things we look to for comfort, the people that are always there to catch us when we fall. Maybe it's the simple things in life that give us some hope to go on. I know life is never easy, but that's why we're put on this earth: to overcome it.

However, I have learned that life is too dark of a place not to have something to hold on to.

Life is temporary. God's love lasts forever.

Anyone can run away from the problems. But that won't make them stronger. In fact, it makes them an even bigger coward. So why do I (we) run? We try to escape the pain. I run from opening up to others. What is so bad that we feel the need to leave all the people we love behind? These are our trials. This is our life. We have the power to make it better.

God doesn't put us through pain to punish us; he does it because he loves us. Kind of a strange concept, I know. The only reason He makes life hard is to help us grow stronger, in hope that we will make wiser decisions.

Sometimes being lost is a good thing. It's an experience when we learn that there's always going to be family and friends there to catch us when we fall. Crying is merely begging to God, when we can't find the strength within ourselves.

I don't think I give myself enough credit. I have slowly come to the knowledge that people can trust me. I have been told before that people don't question their trust with our relationship at all. And that is one of the biggest compliments I have ever received. Loyalty is everything. Throughout life, the people who weren't ever supposed to let you down, probably down. This is so sad, but true. Because people are human beings, we will all be let down. In fact, there will be periods of times where we will let others down as well. More significantly, sometimes we let ourselves down. No one gives us expectations. We set those for ourselves. The only person we need to live up to is OURSELVES.

Sometimes it doesn't seem fair that such a happy person has to deal with something as miserable as depression or being down. I know there are times when we want to drop off the face of the earth and avoid life. And sometimes...that's okay. You don't need to be happy for anyone but yourself.

Sometimes we're so blinded by our darkness, that we forget to open our eyes.
Manage to hang on, even when you may feel like you're falling apart inside. Be loyal. Be family-oriented. Be introspective. Be reflective. Be emotional. Be compassionate. Be passionate. Be non-judgmental. Be selfless. Stand up for something. If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything.
It's those things that define who are--the fact that we are children of God.
When we live according to the truth of the gospel, we feel better about who we are. There's no argument in that statement. Zero.

Life's going to kick us. And in times when we are down too.
But please. please.
Don't give up on being happy. Sometimes it's the only thing that gets you through.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

All Halloween-ed Out.

So don't get me wrong, I adore Halloween. I used to dress up all of the time as a little girl so the fact that I get to eat candy and dress up however I want is quite fun for me. Then again, sometimes I am still five years old. But after this week, I am so Halloween-ed out!!!
WHICH is funny. Because I was a five year old for Halloween! Slash more like Shirley Temple. But I also got: Alice in Wonderland, Goldilocks, Dorothy, Minnie Mouse...I'm not quite sure how, but I did! I honestly could not tell you what my costume is. But we'll go with a five year old/Shirley Temple. It was just so dang cute :)
In college, Halloween lasts three days. Not just one. Two parties Thursday, two parties Friday and one Saturday. So by ACTUAL Halloween, I was exhausted. Needless to say, there were some crazy fun dance parties!

With my roommate, Ally. She did my hair :)

With my neighbors, Heather and Erin. Why are we standing so far apart? Haha. We really do like eachother, I swear!

Me. Yay!

I went trick or treating with Palmer and Portia (my niece and nephew...see first picture) before I went out on Saturday. That was probably the most fun event of Saturday night! Haha. They were both clowns. Although, I am scared of clowns--they just looked adorable. They couldn't quite down "trick or treat" at first so we had to practice it a couple of times with them. After a few houses, they got the idea. Palmer would ring the doorbell ten times and when they opened the door, he would attempt to walk in. Or he would just stick his bag out or ask to choose his favorite candy.
We went up to Camille Anderson's on Osmond Lane. IT WAS PACKED. The kids just kept coming!! So Palmer and Portia decided they wanted to help out a bit. The kids had more fun GIVING out candy to other kids than trick or treating themselves. Palmer and Portia would just comment on all of the other kids costumes and smile. It was thoroughly entertaining.

It's been a long, good Halloween! And I'm now ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas--my favorite holidays :) Above are a couple of pictures from Halloween.

It's a beautiful fall day here in Provo, so I'm going to go read out in the grass. LOVE nice fall weather! Hope your Halloween was fantastic! What were you costumes (I need ideas for next year...yes...already planning) :)