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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Would You Still Love Me?

if I told you that I watched 4 hours of "Family Feud" with my roommate last week?

And was yelling at the TV because some people were SO STUPID....?


Sunday, September 20, 2009


If you could envision the type of person God intended you to be, you would rise up and never be the same. If God could give you one gift, it would be that you could see yourself the way that He does.

Think about it.
I have. Constantly.

Friday, September 4, 2009

No Title.

hese past few days I have been writing a letter to my good friend. Except it wasn't your average letter. She didn't want me to write about a "story that changed my life" or a personal hero of mine type of letter. Her request was simply this:

Write 100 interesting facts about yourself. Be as random and honest as possible. I want to know the real you.

And since my birthday is in a few days...this is my birthday Haha. So my fellow bloggers... I present to you the most bizarre, random, maybe-too-much-info facts about me. Grab some popcorn, sit back and relax...because this is going to be a wild journey.

1. I was born on Sept. 9, 1990. Now, to you that may not be the most interesting fact. But if you continue to look at the date throughout the years you will notice that I turned 9 on 9/9/1999. And I will be turning 19 on 9/9/2009. That doesn't happen very often. Pretty sweet, eh?
2. Ask anyone who knows me. I'm stubborn as a mule. That's it.
3. For me, when it comes to looking for a man, or for this thing called "love" or whatever...humor is HUGE. Being a priesthood holder is the most important, but humor comes next. Conversely, they have to be able to communicate on a deeper level as well.
4. Sometimes people find me TOO outgoing. I know that sounds weird, but I think I intimidate some people. When in reality, I act crazy only with the people I feel most comfortable.
5. But, I have also learned that the guys I intimidate are just the ones who are looking for the "shy, passive girl who they can walk all over." No one's going to walk all over me, and I don't want that kind of guy anyway. And the girls who I'm "too much" for tend to just be jealous of my confidence.
6. Going along with that...I've learned that Confidence is everything. I've developed it immensely in the past few months and I have learned that I accomplish so much more when I have the ability to shake everybody else out of my head, and believe in myself.
7. I sleep text. Yes, with a cell phone. It's an addiction. Warning: Don't sleep and text. Some absolutely horrific texts are sent. Example a) NIGHT BEAR. (Summer 09 gang)
8. Some days I am completely self conscious about my body. Some days I hate it and wish I had somebody else's. Other days, I don't give a rat's you-know-what about it.
9. You do not want to be around me when I don't sleep. Or if I haven't eaten. I'm like a child when it comes to those things. My blood sugar drops way low. And it's not pretty. At all.
10. Consistency is what keeps me sane. I love routine. I crave consistency. Again, like a child.
11. While we're on this child tangent...I'm starting to learn that I think more like a child. I get along better with kids, being around children makes me so much happier, and it puts things into perspective for me. Hence the reason why I want to be a teacher.
12. I love love listening to people's issues. Which is why I want to be a school counselor. Perfect, eh?
13. Ironically, even though I love routine...I'm constantly looking for something more. Even though after I THINK I've found that "something more" I am unhappy, I still keep thinking that the grass is greener on the other side. Change is super hard for me, yet I keep looking for something more.
14. I'm obsessed with crushed ice. And I'm not exaggerating when I say obsessed. Crushed only though. Preferably the pellet kind, like at Sonic burger. I have to have a cup a day.
Side Note: I was watching an interview with Martina Mcbride (which by the way is my favorite singer of all time...does that count as another number?....) and she makes her husband bring along a special crushed ice, pellet kind...on the road with her so that she can have crushed ice daily. Yea, we're BFF.
15. See side note above.
16. I get distracted very easily. Surprising, I know. Don't even get me started on multi tasking. Sheesh. Impossible.
17. I don't get guys. Call me a cynic. But I'm starting to believe that people (men) are too immature and too selfish and too scared to let themselves fall like that.
18. Biggest pet peeves: Slow drivers in the fast lane, people slurping their soup and cereal, when girls act stupid around boys just to get attention, and when people pop their gum.
19. I love lists. To do lists. Bucket lists. Organized lists. This List.
20. I LOVE going to the movies. Something about sitting in a movie theater and feeling emotion is utterly amusing to me. Despite the outrageous price of movies, it is worth it to me.
21. Music is life. Literally. It has saved my life.
22. There is no better feeling than getting into bed late at night after a GOOD day. After a long day in the sun, and working out, and being with people you love.
23. There is also no better feeling than waking up with the birds chirping and the sun shining. And being able to sleep in general. I used to have sleep issues, so getting a good nights rest is splendid!
24. If I could have any superpower, it would be to be able to read minds (fly, duh. But that's everyone's choice). How I wish I could read animals, men, teachers minds'.
25. I love boating. I suck at wakeboarding. I dont enjoy tubing half the time. But I love to just be on a boat. It always makes me sleepy too.
26. I am addicted to the game Brickbreaker on my cellular device.
27. When I'm nervous, scared, excited, or just bored I move my arms back and forth and rock. Yes, like a challenged person.
28. Although I am outgoing and crazy, I am very cautious and timid sometimes. I'm not a daredevil at all. I hate heights. Hate. Hate. Hate.
29. If I could have another talent, it would be to paint, draw, etc...really have SOME artistic ability. haha
30. I cry a lot. I laugh more. I'm just very expressive.
31. I'm very sensitive. Sometimes too sensitive. I put up a front that I'm heartless, but I actually feel things very deeply.
32. I think cowboys are HOT. I absolutely adore rodeos. I secretly wish I was raised out in the country on a farm as a cowgirl.
33. I hate people. They confuse me. The frustrate me.
34. BUT...they also fascinate me. I could people watch all day.
35. See what I mean, completely opposite comments in the past two numbers. I change my mind a lot...
36. I'm very loyal. And very passionate. And I have found that others aren't that way. It's disheartening for me to put my all into friendships and never have it reciprocated.
37. I'm indecisive. Kind of...
38. My brain/personality type: INFP. If you're not into this...look it up. It helps me understand myself way better.
39. I love taking quizzes about myself.
40. I heart facebook. And I love blogging. Okay, I admit it.
41. I like to plan things in advance. I can do spontaneous acts often. But I usually like to know what I'm gettin myself into. For example: I like to know the "jist" of it. Like who's going to be there, what time, and where. And plan it in advance...BUT when we all get together as friends, I am more than willing to do something random and exciting and spontaneous (and fun!)
42. I believe in Happily Ever After.
43. I KNOW that a warm smile or hug can truly make a day better.
44. I daydream. A lot. I'm in my world. Thinking of what things COULD be like.
45. Topaz and Keo. My two kitties growing up. Funny how I miss them still.
46. My hero: Norma Jean. My grandmother. Funnny how I miss her A LOT. Still. Even though its been seven years since she's passed.
47. I regret one thing in my life: Having to leave Idaho.
48. Everything happens for a reason. Everything.
49. I don't do anything half-hearted. When I love something, I am passionate about it. I either LOVE something or HATE something. There's no in between for me.
50. "Just because today is a terrible day, doesn't mean tomorrow won't be the best day of your life. You just gotta get there."
51. Quotes. Quotes. Quotes. I have books of them.
52. Lyrics. Lyrics. Lyrics. Life story songs...they get me through the hard times, the good times, the confusing times.
53. Polka dots are fun. I'm just saying. You may or may not see them everywhere on or with me.
54. I LOVE HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL! AND I DONT CARE WHO KNOWS IT. (p.s. have you seen 17 again?! amazing!)
55. Okay, I'm sort of a camera whore. That is, if I actually had a camera for myself. (anyone in the mood for gifts? :)) I like taking pictures, I like being in pictures. NOT because I'm self absorbed and want everyone to know how cool I am. But because I think they capture good memories and they're fun!
56. I touch my nose a lot when I say stuff. No, not picking my nose. But when I want something, I put my pointer finger on the tip of my nose. And usually smile wide. I dont know, I look like a little girl. Ask Kristen. She knows.
57. Sometimes I'm a little too deep. Sometimes people call it "Emo". Haha. No emo-ness here, just a lot of thoughts.
58. Family is everything. Everything.
59. Reality tv makes me feel better about my life. Bachelor/Bachelorette, So You Think You Can Dance, American Idol. And I love all those shows that most people don't admit to loving: One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl, etc. I feel like I connect with those characters. hahaha
60. I don't have a spending problem, but when I walk in a store I want EVERYTHING. Luckily, I've taught myself some self control and usually use my money wisely. But still. Lottery?
61. I'm happy right now. I have some bad days where I don't want to get out of bed, and I cry still. But I haven't been this happy in a long long time. And I can't even begin to tell you how remarkable that feels.
62. I'm mormon. Yup. Mormon. Correct term: Latter Day Saint. I may not know everythin about the church, but I do know that the feelings and experiences I have gotten by being a member are too amazing to ignore.
63. I believe in heaven. And that families are together forever (sorry fam. love ya?)
64. Sports=life. Basketball, lacrosse, tennis (my most recent obsession), volleyball, etc. Watching football or ANY sport. It's so...AWESOME. haha.
65. The Beach. Aw, the beach. That's all that is needed for that.
66. I strongly dislike nail polish on my fingernails. Yes, I'm a girl and I don't like painting my toenails and fingernails. I always take it off once it's on.
67. I've learned that first impressions are usually wrong. And I try not to judge too quickly.
68. Avocado. Guacamole. Yummayyyy.
69. I'm still immature enough to laugh when I hear "69."
70. I sing high. Really high. And I like to do it too. Strange, I know.
71. It takes me awhile to fall for a guy, but when I do...I fall HARD. I get really attached to friends, and guys. Only after awhile though.
72. I think about my wedding. Like colors and where the reception is going to. Yea, I just admitted that.
73. Tennis is a good anger management tool.
74. Sometimes I get road rage. And I yell. Yea....
75. I flirt. A lot.
76. I do not enjoy being late. No. I REALLY do not enjoy being late. Especially for church.
77. I follow my emotions. I follow instincts. I tend to listen to those things more than logic. Sometimes its amazing. Sometimes it's not a fantastic thing.
78. Favorite word: Serendipity. It's just so cool to say. And the definition is pretty sweet: A fortunate accident. Move ain't bad either.
79. In movies, often times it will be just me laughing. Really loud. And usually at the parts where no one else is laughing. I do it too when I am watching tv alone. Yes, all by my lonesome self...I'll laugh with myself. Totally cool.
80.I don't enjoy shopping just for fun. I like to shop when I have a purpose or a set item in mind. But even then, I can only last about an hour. I start getting cranky after that. Yes. Again, not a normal girl.
81. But conversely, I love checking out other people's styles. Mostly just envying them because they always look so cute and so creative. And I'm too lazy and poor to make that much effort. Haha. If I had the time and money and care for it, I'd love to dress myself in SUHWEET outfits!
82. Migraines=suck. I get REALLY bad ones every few months. They are possible the worst thing on this planet. And I'm not exaggerating when I say that. I feel some (not quite enough) empathy for my sister, Lexie, and best friend, Lauren, who get them horribly. I PRAY FOR YOU GUYS!
83. If I wasn't getting married in the temple, I would want my wedding in a gazebo on the beach. I heart gazebos. White ones, in particular.
84. When someone asks me my most embarrassing moment: I honestly can't think of one. I have embarrassing moments all the time...but it really takes a lot for me to get embarrassed. I probably have had incidents happen where I probably SHOULD look back and be horrified...but I can't think of any. I probably just blocked it out. Haha. But I know I WOULD be embarrassed if I farted on a date. I'm just saying. Horrified of that happening... I just psyched myself out.
85. Oh wait. I peed my pants (yes, in bold.) I was laughing so hard freshmen year of high school. That's an embarrassing moment. Right? Except, I didn't even care....Ha?
86. Call me a horrible person: I use my name to an advantage. Ainge, all the way baby! Represent!. WOOT. K I'm done. Sorry.
87. I'm a huge dork. And I like being around dorks. I hate "too cool" guys. Yes, hate. Haha.
88. I like cats. And dogs, of course. But YES, I DO like cats. K i just love animals.
89. My roommate just asked me how many boys I've kissed: I'm not answering that question. (Had ya fooled there for a moment, huh?!) I have kissed enough let's just say that. Hi mom... :/
90. I have been skinny dipping. Multiple times. Probably because I didn't wear clothes til I was about seven years old, so it was like reminiscing the good old days?
...And you think I'm kidding.
91. Dr. pepper.
92. I'm a blonde haired, blue eyed BEAUTY. Haha. Never died my hair, never will until I have to.
93. I'm a Book Nerd.
94. I just asked my roommate to describe me in three words. Her response: crazy, opinionated, and funny. Yikes.
95. Favorite Vacation: uhhhh FIJI. Nothing is better. Ever.
96. I have a bucket list. And here it is:
--Live in a house with a porch (and hopefully a willow tree and gazebo)
--visit every state in the U.S. (and every temple in that state)
--Visit Italy, Greece, Africa, and Fiji. ONE DOWN BABY!!
--tryout for broadway, or big time play. OR. Sing a solo for more than a 1000 people.
--Have a portrait painted/drawn
--learn sign language
--Be an extra (sheesh, a main character if possible) in a film/tv show.
--Send a message in a bottle.
--Float down a river in a tube- CHECK
--Teach someone something that is life altering. Reading, etc.
--Go on a Hot Air Balloon
-run a HALF marathon
--Make a Quote Book CHECK
--Watch the sunset with a boy that I care about. (Yes, Never done that).
(K those last ones took up like a million so we're skipping to 100.)

I apologize for all of you that had to sit through that. Hopefully you enjoyed it? :)